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|Read E-pub ⚜ Numenera: Vortex ð A mysterious cult worships something called the Vortex in a temple like nothing anyone in the Ninth World has ever seen PCs explore the strange complex to find a missing boy, and become embroiled in multiple scenarios, one of which might just take them unimaginably far from home Thispage adventure was the GenConNumenera launch scenario, presented in two parts, and is ideal to use as an introduction to the game, a stand alone scenario, or as part of an ongoing campaign Also included are six pre generated characters, so you have everything you need to play T ToN dan beklenen g zellikte bir olaylar silsilesi olmu Mekan Tasar m ok detayl Detaylar hikaye ile rt t r lmeye al lm Yine o garipsede imiz, TOrmen in havas na has anomali, ucube, gariplikler var Bkz Dog Lake.Karakter tasar mlar hikaye ile b y k ihtimalle fazla rt meyecek karakterlere bile ruh verilmeye al lm ok u ra ld belli.