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@Read Book ⚡ Number the Stars ⚠ Ten year old Annemarie Johansen and her best friend Ellen Rosen often think of life before the war It s now 1943 and their life in Copenhagen is filled with school, food shortages, and the Nazi soldiers marching through town When the Jews of Denmark are relocated, Ellen moves in with the Johansens and pretends to be one of the family Soon Annemarie is asked to go on a dangerous mission to save Ellen s life. Please visit my blog www.readrantrockandroll.com for reviews on children s books like this regarding the Holocaust and WWIINumber the Stars by Lois Lowry is a book I read years ago It s historical fiction but highlights the horror of WWII It s a meaningful story that demonstrates what friends will do for each other when in need This is an easy chapter book for middle grade students and older I have recently re read it as an adult and was captivated once again 5 See of my reviews at www.bookaddicthaven.comThe second of the books that we listened to on my recent multi generational, girls road trip, was Number the Stars I could not have chosen better This story was suspenseful, educational and deeply emotional With an age range of 5 years old to 88 years old in the car, this book managed to hold all of attention.Like most readers, I ve read plenty of books set during the WWII era Some were graphic and shocking in their descriptions of the horrendous acts that took place Others, like Number the Stars go a far subtle route, choosing to leave much to your imagination, while providing just enough information so that the reader can figure out exactly what is going on With two children in the car, subtle and less graphic was an obvious benefit However, I was amazed by the depth of understanding my 9 year old had of the story that unfolded I was incredibly impressed by the way the author was able to craft a story that appealed to such a broad audience Set in a German occupied Denmark in WWII, Number the Stars tells the story of a teenaged Annemarie Johansen She and her family helped rescue her best friend, Ellen Rosen, and her family The two girls had grown up together Like their daughters, the parents were best friends also, having been neighbors for years.When the German occupation becomes increasingly hostile, the writing is on the wall for the Jews The Johansen s are ordinary people that took extraordinary risks to stand against injustice in the only way they knew how They become active in the resistance movement, helping to smuggle targeted groups of people to safety.I don t want to give too much away, because this is a story that I believe should be read and experienced by everyone I will say that it was deeply sentimental and thought provoking There was plenty of action and suspense to keep you on the edge of your seat, but nothing too terrifying or gory for children This is the first WWII book that I ve read about the Danish resistance movement I greatly enjoyed learning about the Danish culture and the role that Denmark played in WWII The stories about the King of Denmark were especially inspiring Mostly, this story was inspirational It is about everyday people that do incredibly courageous things when backed into a corner It is about the strength of the human spirit This is the kind of book that makes you reevaluate your values and what you consider important in life Everyone needs a reminder every once in a while, especially as the holidays approach I loved every minute of this story It is another one that should probably make the mandatory reading list for school aged children, lest we forget the lessons of the past The audio was fabulous as well I highly recommend this book to everyone. i was clearing out my closet over the weekend and found a box of old books that i read as a kid i originally read this when i was about 10 years old and i can tell you that, at that age, there was no way i understood the depth of horror and severity of the holocaust and i wouldnt have been exposed to that in this story as its rather on the tame side if thats possible for such a tragic event in human history i just remember really wanting to be like annemarie, wanting to be the type of friend who would be brave enough to help someone she cared about, even when it was seen as wrong and so after a quick re read, i feel comforted knowing that i grew into a strong enough person who is brave enough to do everything in my power to help those who need it, and to also stand up for what i know to be right, even when it might be hard or dangerous or unpopular and i hope 10 year old me would be proud 4 stars i read this in hardback, when it first came out, and i d say it was probably the reason i became addicted to WWII holocaust literature history at such a young age i think it helped that i was so young when i read this, as imagining a ten year old standing up to nazis was something remarkable, but imaginable for me i loved annemarie, i identified with her in ways i can t really explain i read this book again and again, and it never changed there are scenes burned into my memory the fake funeral, the ripping of ellen s necklace, annemarie with the special packet, the idea of all the jews packed into uncle henrik s boat and annemarie running, running fast like she did at school when she beat all the boys, running with a basket and a red cape only later would i figure out the clever little red riding hood allusion , her blond hair trailing it also helped that i had great grandmothers who remembered the war, a swedish au pair who told me about seeing denmark from sweden, and an insatiable curiosity about things like this so i was looking up things on maps and reading about german shepherds and the scent rags and even when it was card catalogs and old books, i was a cross referencer i have notes somewhere of my favorite quotes from the book i also love the ending because it doesn t condescend the ending, unlike the book, is ambigious in its ending we know the war is over, we know annemarie survived but what does that mean for a little girl, after all