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I read an early manuscript I obtained as an employee of Hachette Book Group I received this book as a winner of the Goodreads giveaway I enjoyed this book and highly recommend to a friend Thank you for selecting me as a winner I received an advance copy of this book from the publisher and I m thankful I did I m not a huge fan of memoirs but I really like mysteries and cover ups and so I was interested in reading this book from that perspective I found it engaging and well written, I never lost interest or felt bored reading it Generally speaking, I find the whole metoo movement monotonous and maybe that skews my perspective to some degree and possibly I would have rated it a little higher I feel like there are so very many people who have found themselves in situations that put them at risk of harm and when things go awry they don t take the necessary steps to stop the situation from progressing further In the author s case, she acknowledges that she made little attempt to do anything to prevent what was happening to her nor was it reported immediately afterward not that reporting it would have resulted in any punishment for the assailants Unlike many of the people coming forward with metoo stories, I wasn t left with the impression that this author s goal was financial gain but to have her story heard, fully and by many, and to shed light on the corruption within the institution This was appreciated I feel like this is a valuable literary work, especially for parents who might have the opportunity to have their young teenagers read this so that they can recognize an attempted assault and know to do something that might prevent it as well as recognize behavior that is, in fact, assault and refrain from participating in it. I received this in a Goodreads Giveaway and count myself privileged to get to read it before it is published in 2020 This retelling of the author s sexual assault by two students at her boarding school, and the almost horrific lies and cover up by the school s administration, had me in its grip for the beginning I worried for the author, every page made me anxious to see her protected from the cruel and cowardly attacks on her as a person The facts of this story are complicated and took decades to uncover completely but Lacy Crawford clearly details the evil that is alive and well among the rich and privileged Women still have to fight to be believed and are shamed for having been assaulted Things are slowly beginning to change somewhat but I shudder to think of all the women and girls who will never receive the justice they deserve. Compelling and haunting memoir of epic proportions of one young woman s sexual assault, the lies, the cover ups and fall outs When the elite boarding school, St Paul s in New Hampshire was recently under investigation after extensive reports of sexual misconduct abuse on campus, Lacy Crawford thought her past there was behind her Detectives asked for victims to come forward, and though it had been decades, Lacy threw her hat into the ring NOTES ON SILENCING Little, Brown July 2020 is exactly that a plea to have one s tender, vulnerable voice heard Lacy s criminal case is reopened She sees, for the first time in decades, evidence that corroborates her memories That horrific experience involving two senior athletes and freshman Lacy in the boy s dorm after hours wasn t just a figment of her imagination It happened, it was cruel, and every attempt to cover up or sweep it under the rug was made Lacy wasn t a legacy at St Paul s Her parents were wealthy, but they hadn t attended boarding school Attending St Paul s was a privilege for Lacy, who worked hard in academics, athletics, and musci Plus, the school had a highly prized reputation to uphold with scores of influential, powerful, and elite alumni Now, she s a mother and wife and writer with questions and worries why is it okay for the rich and privileged to commit heinous acts and be protected How can a young woman not speak up when something so vile happens to her How can a smart, hard working girl find herself in this kind of trouble in the first place And how are we as young women socialized to agree with those in power and authority Why do we default to the male for answers These are just a few of the questions Lacy grapples with in NOTES ON SILENCING While there aren t exactly any answers, we come away from the narrative with a sense of duty to expose and protect NOTES ON SILENCING stirred so many emotions and gut wrenching reactions I was equally sympathetic and appalled by the tension in the book I wanted to protect Lacy and the other girls at St Paul s, I wanted justice The overall story takes us back to the days in which Lacy was a Freshman third form at St Paul s and moves forward in a linear fashion, culminating with the 2016 investigation There were a few instances where I felt the past became a little too wordy or pretentious, but that could just be me I m not exactly part of the boarding school demographic NOTES ON SILENCING is about about those in power refusing to believe, then shaming, and finally, attempting to silence Let this be a call, a rise to end this kind of abuse I was reminded, in part, of the work of Alexandra Robbins THE OVERACHIEVERS, PLEDGED, and FRATERNITY , but those stories are narrative nonfiction driven journalistic whereas NOTES ON A SILENCING is memoir In terms of fiction featuring boarding schools, Carol Goodman s work came to mind For all my reviews, including author interviews, please see www.leslielindsay.com Always with a Book.Special thanks to Dewey Decimal Media and Little,Brown Publishers for this review copy All thoughts are my own. Well written, nuanced, balanced and compelling I couldn t put it down. .Epub ♷ Notes on a Silencing ♉ A Riveting, Lucid Memoir Of A Young Woman S Struggle To Regain Her Sense Of Self After Trauma, And The Efforts By A Powerful New England Boarding School To Silence Her At Any CostWhen The Elite St Paul S School Recently Came Under State Investigation After Extensive Reports Of Sexual Abuse On Campus, Lacy Crawford Thought She D Put Behind Her The Assault She D Suffered At St Paul S Decades Before, When She Was Fifteen Still, When Detectives Asked For Victims To Come Forward, She Sent A NoteHer Criminal Case File Reopened, She Saw For The First Time Evidence That Corroborated Her Memories Here Were Depictions Of The Na Ve, Hard Working Girl She D Been, A Chorister And Debater, The Daughter Of A Priest Of The Two Senior Athletes Who Assaulted Her And Were Allowed To Graduate With Awards And Of The Faculty, Doctors, And Priests Who Had Known About Crawford S Assault And Gone To Great Lengths To Bury ItNow A Wife, Mother, And Writer Living On The Other Side Of The Country, Crawford Learned That Police Had Uncovered Astonishing Proof Of An Institutional Silencing Years Before, And That Unnamed Powers Were Still Trying To Block Her Case The Slander, Innuendo, And Lack Of Adult Concern That Crawford Had Experienced As A Student Hadn T Been Imagined As The Effects Of Trauma, After All These Were The Actions Of A School That Prized Its Reputation Above Anything, Even A ChildThis Revelation Launched Crawford On An Extraordinary Inquiry Into The Ways Gender, Privilege, And Power Shaped Her Experience As A Girl At The Gates Of America S Elite Her Investigation Looks Beyond The Sprawling Playing Fields And Soaring Chapel Towers Of Crucibles Of Power Like St Paul S, Whose Reckoning Is Still To Come And It Runs Deep Into The Channels Of Shame And Guilt, Witness And Silencing, That Dictate Who Can Speak And Who Is Heard In American SocietyAn Insightful, Mature, Beautifully Written Memoir, Notes On A Silencing Is An Arresting Coming Of Age Story That Wrestles With An Essential Question For Our Time What Telling Of A Survivor S Story Will Finally Force A Remedy Thank you to NetGalley, Lacy Crawford and the publisher for providing me with a digital copy of this book prior to publication in exchange for my review Notes on a Silencing is a memoir about Lacy Crawford When Crawford was 15 and a student at St Paul s, a prestigious boarding school in New Hampshire, she was sexually assaulted by two senior athletes At a later point, not disclosing what had happened to her, she sought medical treatment and that is where the cover up that lasted than 25 years began This was such a difficult book for me to read While it was very well written, the things that Crawford had to endure during the sexual assault and after, at the hands of those who should have protected her, is horrifying When an investigation was finally opened in 2017 against St Paul s as a result of many others who had been sexually assaulted while students there, investigators found sexual misconduct by faculty and staff going back than 50 years Even with students coming forward with their stories, no charges were brought against the school or the abusers and they were allowed to reach an agreement with the prosecutors that amounted to little than a slap on the wrist Crawford says, First, they refused to believe me Then they shamed me Then they silenced me But in the end, even though St Paul s and the legal system tried to keep the assault on Crawford and the others who came forward under wraps, after years of silence Crawford did speak out and finally saw evidence that substantiated her memories that the assault did take place The result is a powerful and moving book that should be shared with sons and daughters alike It is up to all of us to seek justice and to protect those who need protection and expose those who need to answer for what they have done. There s nothing powerful than a woman s voice as not only a survivor of sexual abuse but as a warrior who paves the way for other s to come forward and heal collectively united as one Thank god she found her voice, the pen that writes reveals, the voice that speaks is now heard.Listening, observing, understanding, and finding compassion along with empathy are traits that have all but fallen to the wasteside and this is one such way to have them restored to their original glory A riveting, lucid memoir of a young woman s struggle to regain her sense of self after trauma, and the efforts by a powerful New England boarding school to silence her at any cost Silencing victims of abuse is not knew and sadly many women have been subjected to not only the obnoxious ways outside the courts but the internal corruption in law and order statues.What we need today is change in our legal system, in our enforcement, and in our societal values and norms.What is seen as acceptable behavior, boys being boys, men being men should never be allowed.So many people are hurting, so many young women are harboring this type of trauma, so many are not believed or even seen as credible.Yet the perpetrators continue on without any repercussions to there actions that result in years of trauma, ptsd, and unresolved issues from within.I pray everyone has a chance to read this powerful, moving, and heartfelt story of survival but also of tenacity to tell your story and not fear the hatred and anger that will most likely be tossed in by those who d rather hide and cover up then allow the truth to be seen.Thank you LACY for your beauty to shine and for allowing women a platform to voice their stories like you have done here so eloquently. First, they refused to believe me Then they shamed me Then they silenced me Never have I read such a powerful description of life after an assault The lengths taken to keep the statutory sexual assault silent is just infuriating Only not everyone was so silent She lived it all the time in the snide comments and treatment of those around her Not only did the perpetrators do this, they talked about it We are people on this earth This life is all we had It was all we fucking had, and life, my life, could not be determined by cruelty like this Oh but it was Years and years worth All from one act of violence To rate this raw account of Lacys life anything but 5 stars would be just as disgraceful It was such a well written account, I could almost feel myself in her head With every shameful comment like a slap to my own face.Thank you Little, Brown and Company for providing me a copy of this amazingly written story in a Goodreads Giveaway I m a different person because I read this 5 SOLID STARS.