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@Read Kindle Û Northrop P-61 Black Widow: The Complete History and Combat Record î The Northrop Pwas the first airplane designed form the start to be a night fighter With its advanced radar and electronics, high speed, maneuverability and heavy armament, it was as deadly as its namesake the poisonous Black Widow spider nNorthrop PBlack Widow uncovers the complete history of this once secret warplane The result of overyears of original research, this book brings you astonishing detail on all the Pvariants, from the first XPprototype through the final long range escort and photo recon versions Dozens of photos and original Northrop and Army Air Force blueprint drawings show every technical detail of this ahead of its time aricraft, its engines, aradar and electronics This is the complete Black Widow combat diary all the aces and all the victories, told through first person combat stories More thanblack and white and color photos show the Black Widow in action in the European, China Burma India and Pacific Theaters the planes the pilots, the crewmen, the nose art and the markings Also included are unit histories for each night fighter squadron that flew the Black Widow Not quite what I expected More combat records, less design history That said it is well written, has many pictures and I m sure that if you had to build a P 61 Black Widow book collection this would be a mandatory