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^READ DOWNLOAD ↡ Nobody Knows Nobody ☆ WHAT WILL IT TAKE TO SILENCE YOU It s war on The Dubb in North Philadelphia Lil Money and his crew are winning They were underdogs, but now there is no limit to what they will do to get money and respect in their territory Robbery, torture, and murder help smart people comply with their demands Undoubtedly, they eventually meet their matchThe posse decides to rob and kill Jose, who appears to be an easy target for them to cheat Jose s wife Marita is the niece of Roberto, a powerful drug lord Roberto despises Jose, but he loves his niece enough to kill everyone involved in the death of his niece s husbandLil Money and his crew cannot match Roberto s power when he comes after them But after a twist of events, Roberto partners with Lil Money, elevating him and his crew in the drug game Taking on this roll is no easy feat, and there are opposing forces that keep guns blazing and the death toll rising because the elevation doesn t eliminate the crew s unsettled beef that resurfaces continuously They ve harmed so many people who are gunning for them endlesslyWill, the crew, stay strong, loyal, and survive the harsh reality that their actions have earned Trust is a significant issue in a game where NOBODY KNOWS NOBODY