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So real So raw Fields is a brilliant communicator. Love this author and her honest approach to all things good and hard Thankful for the way she can use any story or circumstance to Gods glory. Great topic, but the writing wasn t up to par I couldn t stick with it. Loved it Read a chapter, stop to cry, read a chapter, stop to cry Good book. {E-PUB} á Nearly Normal ô Nearly Normal is an honest family history from behind the lenses of a sleepy mom of five kids Life can be difficult Add chronic illness, adoption, and special needs, and it can feel overwhelming God s desire is that we see our circumstances in light of the bigger story The Foreword is written by Michael and Amy Monroe, proud parents of four children, each of whom were adopted Michael and Amy co founded Empowered to Connect with Dr Karyn Purvis They also co authored with Dr Purvis Created To Connect A Christian s Guide to The Connected Child, a study guide companion to The Connected Child