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#Read Ebook ⚪ Nature and Culture: American Landscape and Painting, 1825-1875 ó In this richly illustrated volume, featuring than fifty black and white illustrations and a beautiful eight page color insert, Barbara Novak describes how for fifty extraordinary years, American society drew from the idea of Nature its most cherished ideals Betweenand , all kinds of Americans artists, writers, scientists, as well as everyday citizens believed that God in Nature could resolve human contradictions, and that nature itself confirmed the American destiny Using diaries and letters of the artists as well as quotes from literary texts, journals, and periodicals, Novak illuminates the range of ideas projected onto the American landscape by painters such as Thomas Cole, Albert Bierstadt, Frederic Edwin Church, Asher B Durand, Fitz H Lane, and Martin J Heade, and writers such as Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, and Frederich Wilhelm von Schelling Now with a new preface, this spectacular volume captures a vast cultural panorama It beautifully demonstrates how the idea of nature served, not only as a vehicle for artistic creation, but as its ideal form An impressive achievement Barbara Rose, The New York Times Book Review An admirable blend of ambition, elan, and hard research Not just an art book, it bears on some of the deepest fantasies of American culture as a whole Robert Hughes, Time Magazine The second of Novak s trilogy on 19th century art Stresses the importance of trancendental ideas of Nature but she also makes a strong case for the interdisciplinary study of art which largely faded shortly after this book was published The best of the trilogy and an indispensible book. Novak is the doyenne of American landscape painting, and this intro is extremely well organized and well written anyone interested in the 19th c., the West, and or 19th c literature and philosophy would benefit from reading this book.