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FREE BOOK Ç Native Moments õ Amsterdam the grand old ringed canal city of cobblestone streets, the gabled roof peaks, the painted flotsam waterways Max and Christopher meet by circumstance during a summer The noisy human cargo has changed over the centuries People learn new ways about making connections and taking chances, and how the present is tied to the past Although Max feels drawn to Christopher both of them leave much unsaid and undefined when they part Max, alone on a flight back to the States, meets Justin Conrad, an engaging, and openly gay actor Max admits his attraction to men and turns for help to Justin, who is busy caring for Donny Finn, a drug addled teen idol being groomed for stardom Max forms a closer friendship with Justin who suffers from an enduring past tragedy, revealed dramatically in Justin s Story Native Moments is from a poem by Walt Whitman, who never shrank from moral controversy He would have happily embraced this erotically charged story