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Jiraiya discovers that two members of the Akatsuki are actually former students of his We gte to dive a little deeper into Jiraiya's past and see how he came to meet these former students However in the present it seems Jiraiya has met his match!! Naruto vol 41 Summary: Naruto is a young shinobi with an incorrigible knack for mischief He's got a wild sense of humor, but Naruto is completely serious about his mission to be the world's greatest ninja!JIRAIYA'S DECISIONA mystery from Jiraiya's youth! What did Naruto's teacher o in his past that could have deadly consequences today? Find out as Jiraiya's investigation into the secrets of Pain and the Akatsuki reveals shocking news!MY OPINIONAs Jiraiya's investigation into the mysterious Pain begins, we learn some new information from Jiraiya's past Back when he was a young shinobi partnered with Orochimaru and Tsunade, he and his team had been traveling through the Land of Rain when they came across three warorphaned children, Nagato, Yahiko, and Konan Jiraiya sent his two teammates ahead back to Konoha while he stayed to take care of the three children until he found them fit to be on their own Three years pass, and over those three years, Jiraiya helps the three children learn how to use ninjutsu, and one of the three Nagato possesses the Rinnegan, the most powerful of the three optical eyes that also includes the Sharingan (possessed by Sasuke, Madara, Kakashi, and Itachi)and the Byakugan, possessed by Hinata and Neji Hyuga However, years after he left the three of them on their own he heard the unfortunate news that the three of them had died But it appears that is not true, Nagato and Konan are now members of the Akatsuki, and Nagato has a horrible plan to end war and pain Meanwhile, Naruto's hot on Sasuke's trail As Jiraiya's battle with Pain/Nagato goes on, we learn of a strange prophecy he received from the elder toad A prophecy of how one of Jiraiya's students would either bring great peace or great destruction to the ninja world Is this student Nagato? Or could it be Konan or Naruto? That is something Jiraiya does not yet know the answer to, but he does know he must stop Nagato at all costs.Quote: Here it is revealed In my dream, you, who are solely pervy, will still manage to become a splendid shinobi And will come to stand on your own two feet acquiring disciples One such disciple will one day bring about a great change to the world of shinobi This I saw in my dream. There's an insane amount of backstory for Jiraiya in this one and I'm okay with that While it would've been better to stretch it out a bitthroughout previous arcs, you know that the purpose here was to get you invested in the character quickly.He now goes up against Pain alone and assumes the burden of taking him down before anyone gets caught in his path This is simply exciting from start to finish This is where we learn what the rinnegan is all about Or at least part of it.Yours truly,Lashaan | Blogger and Book ReviewerOfficial blog: Jiraiya is going off alone Again But this time it the weight of doom hangs over him The setup is quick and the battle shows off some really cool sage skills We've never really seen what he can do, after all.Too bad he's going up against Pain I'm already getting anxious. Jiraiya is cool but dang, why did we get so much exposition about him all of a sudden? Couldn't we have gotten pieces of this throughout the series? I didn't like how this was handled. This is a review of the entire series.Once upon a time, the spirit of an evil Nine Tailed Fox wreaked havoc on Konohagakure; the Village Hidden in the Leaves, killing hundreds of honorable ninja in the skirmish and leaving many children without homes or parents The Fourth Hokage (leader of the village) unleashes a forbidden jutsu (magic spell/ninja ability) to seal the spirit of the evil fox into the body of a newborn baby named Naruto at the cost of his own life He did this in the hopes that the boy could one day learn to master the power of the demonic spirit and use it to protect the village and become a great hero of the people.Unknown to the citizens of the Leaf, the Nine Tailed Fox was being controlled by an evenpowerful adversary, a legendary rogue ninja that plans to wage war against the entire world from the shadows The identity of the mysterious ninja that attacked the Leaf Village using the Nine Tails died with the Fourth Hokage, and he used what remained of his life to gift Naruto with the power of one day being able to stop this evil ninja and a clan of outlawed Srank criminals called the Akatsuki from committing mass genocide against the many hidden villages and clans of the world.Because of the evil spirit sealed inside him, Naruto grew up hated by the other children of the village because they believe him and the Nine Tails to be one and the same They believe he’s a ticking time bomb waiting to go off, waiting for the perfect moment to kill them all just like the Nine Tails killed their parents and families Shunned, dehumanized and treated like dirt, Naruto vows to become the greatest hokage the world has ever seen so that he can receive the love and acknowledgement he never got as a child.On top of the Nine Tails power and the will to never quit, Naruto also possesses the uncanny ability to turn everyone he meets into a potential comrade He brings out the best in his peers and tries his hardest to make his enemies see the errors of their ways He disobeys the rules and ignores cultural traditions to try and make changes to the world and break the eternal cycle of war and hatred through his own methods His determination is infectious to friend and foe alike He earns himself the respect he deserves by overcoming one impossible obstacle at a time.Naruto encounters many fascinating and terrifying ninja over the course of his journey to become hokage Among them are Sasuke Uchiha, Naruto’s best friend and rival who is driven by the vengeful lust to murder his elder brother after he wiped out their own clan in cold blood Sasuke warms up to Naruto, but his hatred and trauma are dangerous forces that threaten to break his moral code as a ninja and destroy his reputation among his peers.Kakashi Hatake is a notorious copycat ninja that survived one of the most brutal and devastating wars in history as well as the Nine Tails attack on the Leaf Village He becomes Naruto and Sasuke’s mentor and teaches them a great number of valuable lessons about surviving in the dangerous world of rogue ninja, bloodthirsty assassins and clans ruled by corruption.Jiraiya is a perverted yet wise sage who taught the Fourth Hokage everything he knew and he’s regarded as a god among shinobi that’s famous for his heroic actions in the second great ninja war He takes an interest in Naruto and raises him as a father figure to carry on the legacy of the Fourth Hokage to prepare him for the many dangerous people that want to use his power for their own nefarious purposes.The Akatsuki is one such group of wicked ninja Among them are Sasuke’s brother Itachi who murdered his clan and possesses many dangerous techniques involving illusions, psychological torture and elemental manipulation Sasori who controls poisonous puppets with magical threads, Orochimaru who mastered the forbidden arts of reanimation and quasiimmortality, Deidara who fights from afar using detonating clay and many other deadly foes.The entire series chronicles Naruto and his fellow ninja comrades growing through countless trials and tragedies There are hundreds of unique jutsus, clans, and techniques which lead to some very intense, creative and strategic battles between skilled ninja with diverse abilities that don’t always match up evenly There are clan based abilities such as the Aburame clan’s ability to control insects, the Yamanaka clan’s ability to jump into other people’s minds and control their bodies and the Inuzuka clan’s ability to bond with wolves that learn to mimic their master’s battle skills Then there’s ocular genetic abilities such as the sharingan which allows the user to create psychological illusions, copy their enemy’s abilities and manipulate elemental energy The byakugan allows the user to read their enemies vital points and detect their spiritual energy from faraway The rinnegan grants control over space and gravity and so on.On top of having countless unique abilities, nearly every character has a tragic backstory that makes them sympathetic and relatable, even the nastiest of the villains have wellexplored reasons for following the paths they do and becoming the way they are One of my favorite aspects of the series is how well it explores the physical, emotional and psychological effects war can have on society and culture as well as the survivors and future generations that are forced to live in them How it breeds racism and cultural disputes, how it inspires hatred in orphaned children and war veterans robbed of their homes toward foreign nations, as well as how this eventually leads to further death, war, poverty and destruction Learning to forgive the ones you hate to prevent further conflict and damaging the world for future generations even further is a major theme throughout the story.Being a massive 700 chapter series, it’s not too surprising that there’s some plot holes and consistency issues A rule might be stated regarding the requirements and usage of a certain jutsu or ability only for that rule to be repeatedly broken 400 chapters later Sometimes the characters and rules contradict themselves, sometimes the chronology of certain events and historical facts don’t match up perfectly, the lore and general backstory go through several retcons that change the philosophy and power scaling of the characters and the scope of worldbuilding; the final arc especially drags on and breaks a lot of the logic and rules that the story spent the whole series setting up, etcNaruto’s far from perfect, but I remember it very fondly for being one of the first series that introduced me to things like manga and Japanese entertainment in general It was one of those childhood classics like Dragon Ball, Inuyasha, Yu Yu Hakusho and Rurouni Kenshin The series grew up with me and I can’t help but feel grateful to it for introducing me to hundreds of other franchises that I’m still a huge fan of to this day and I continue to find many new ones on the regular Naruto's journey from a clownish, disrespected outcast into a talented, wellloved and admired hero is a memorable one. |DOWNLOAD EBOOK ☧ NARUTO ナルト 巻ノ四十一 ♂ Amazing E Book, NARUTO ナルト 巻ノ四十一 by Masashi Kishimoto This is very good and becomes the main topic to read, the readers are very takjup and always take inspiration from the contents of the book NARUTO ナルト 巻ノ四十一, essay by Masashi Kishimoto Is now on our website and you can download it by register what are you waiting for? Please read and make a refission for you This entire arc is a giant pile of heartbreak Pain is my favorite villain of the entire Naruto series (next to Itachi if you want to call him that), and his reasons for doing the things he does are meaningful to him I think that's what makes him such a relatable character This volume explores some of the past when Jiraiya was the teacher to three children who just wanted to be with each other As we are taken through some of these events, we realize that Jiraiya thought of Nagato as a child of prophecy and told him some of the most beautiful quotes of the series They are sprinkled into the first half of the epic and heart crushing battle between the most amazing pervy sage ever, and his student I am dreading the next volume. Damn ! I knew Jiraiya won't make it ! I just knew it ! DAMN DAMN DAMN !But what the hell is Pain anyways ? This Tobi guy really is Uchiha madara ? Idk Uchiha madara is drawn a little buffy and this guy in the mask is just to slim But well who knows ? Uchiha madara 'died' a long time ago anyways ! this volume was a little bit of a drag for me, in all honesty ive never really been a fan of jiraiya’s plotline and being that this entire volume is dedicated to him i found myself just waiting for it to get back to sasuke WHOOPS