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Upea, ilmava taitto ja mielenkiintoista asiaa Juutalaisuus ja heprean kieli saavat v liin h iritsev nkin suuren roolin, koska suoraa yhteytt latinalaisiin aakkosiin ei ole. Un percorso affascinante che ci riconduce alle origini delle familiari lettere usate ogni giorno per parlare e scrivere.Una vera e propria avventura archeografica tra confronti e scoperte, analogie e simboli spiegati con chiarezza e semplicit , in una veste grafica molto accattivante. Very intriguing history of the alphabet The author traces written language from it s earliest forms to its modern equivalents and does a pretty good job of showing how alphabets evolved from descriptive pictures pictograms and ideograms to the letters we have today phonograms which represent sounds This isof an academic resource than a book. This book explores the alphabet from its origins in the pictograms of 3500 years ago that reproduced a material object In brief, this led to phonograms, that no longer referred to an image, but a sound This evolved into marks depicting partial images known as acrophonic, giving rise to the system of signs known as an alphabet The book is fascinating in its exploration of the written word. This book brings the alphabet to life connecting letters back to their pictogrammic sources and tracking their evolution and transformation I found some good ideas here It s an easy read. I continue to be impressed with this author This book is well researched, well written, and well organized. If the alphabet is your thing it s a real page turner I m not sure exactly how scholarly the book is but there is an obvious progression and some very valid and illuminating points. *Download Pdf ⇩ Mysteries of the Alphabet: The Origins of Writing ⇜ Why is A the first letter of the alphabet Why is O round This work tells how Protosinaic pictograms derived from Egyptian heiroglyphics and discovered in the Sinai only at the beginning of the th century changed throughout the millennia and left their trace on our alphabet If you want to learnabout where our letters derived and their varieties of meaning, this is a great resource and fun to read