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FREE ¹ My Name Is John Singer Ý ONLY LOVE COULD SAVE HIM What if a criminal was given a second chance Romantic fiction no one has dared to imagine, until now History tells us on April ,a notorious assassin was cornered inside a burning barn, a Union gunshot ending his life But rumors speculate he escaped that fiery blaze Perhaps a twist of fate offered a second chance at life, to right the wrongs and possibly find love When John Singer meets triage nurse Emma Dixon at the war hospital in Alexandria, Virginia his body is broken, his spirit unwilling to fight as fever rages within him But one smoldering glance from his black bottomless eyes, Emma knows he must survive John s heart is stolen by her beauty and kindnessHe is hiding in plain sight or is he His true identity becomes his darkest secret The world believes the blaze took his life But John s tattered past still burns, scorching his mind with ashes of regret For the handsome Confederate soldier known as John Singer is the notorious assassin JOHN WILKES BOOTHThis compelling fictional account takes a bold look at the questionable possibilities swirling around Booth s enigmatic end, questions that still resonate today The author romanticizes the complicated man, but never forgives his crimes In this intriguing tale Booth is repentant, lamenting the loss of his family and sister, AsiaFrom the Author, Lisa G Samia In writing this story I believed there was but one thing that could save him, and that was love For in the end isn t love all we have Included author letters describing the actual historical events and influential characters that are portrayed in this fictional second chance romanceEndorsement by respected Author and Playwright, Mr Eric Swanson My Name is John Singer is a fascinating novel, rich in historical detail and nuances of character, time, and place By turns tender, thrilling, and suspenseful, it is a beguiling work of historical fiction and a thoughtful exploration of love and redemptionProudly presented by Destiny Whispers Publishing, LLC Executive Editor Leslie D Stuart DestinyNovels DestinyAuthor LisaSamia Loved the history the book was based on, and enjoyed the characterization, and love story Some great descriptions put you in the time period such as There is flour and sugar in the kitchen barrels for sweet cake p 124 or The coach rounded through the decimated city The only sound, it seemed, was from the horse hooves stamping upon the ground, and the wind whistling through the spires of stacks of blackened chimneys p 125 Overall, a good read for historical fiction fans.