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^Read Book ↡ My Life in Hetero: An Ace in the Closet ☇ This is the memoir of an aromantic asexual who lives in Boston, Massachusetts C Kellam Scott has been an artist, musician and spoken word performer He never achieved any recognition for the above work for plain lack of trying The struggle to be comfortable with his inborn sexual orientation led him on a downward trajectory through life Feeling forced to stay in the guise of a heterosexual male This is the story of what it was like to live that life, to feel forced into a mold that didn t fit An occasionally wild and raucous life lived to the fullest, it is also a story of redemption, passing through the crucible of addiction and into recovery This is a memoir about coming out of a closet that much of the world isn t even aware of and often denies It is a story about asexual pride