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(READ EBOOK) â Ms Patriot: Into the Labyrinth (Grimme City Super Heroines in Peril) ⚡ Super heroine in peril fiction at its finest Grimme City s super heroines are young, hot, and descended of the legendary Viking ValkyrieMs Patriot is ever vigilant As the city s premier super heroine she never rests in her pursuit of justice So when she spots evil scientist Dr Chow Fang she can do nothing but pursue and strike hard and fast The beautiful and deadly Dr Fang has created some of the most insidious creatures to terrorize Grimme City, as well as torment and debase some of city s most respected super heroines, and Ms Patriot is determined to stop her at any cost Warning This super heroine in peril, urban fantasy story has explicit violence and sex It gets down and dirty, showing the dark side of costumed vigilantism For adults not easily offended onlyThis is a story of approximately , words Excerpt Ms Patriot just started walking She wasn t giving Dr Chun Fang the satisfaction of an answer You re almost as much fun as Uber Woman and her little team of super heroine misfits that enjoyed my old labyrinth of fun Ms Patriot soon was plunged into wonderful silence As she entered another narrow section of tunnel, she noticed Dr Chun Fang didn t taunt her Probably only had cameras and speakers at select locations It was a good hour before she entered another vast cavern chamber It s empty, she said, striking a classic super heroine pose at the entryAs soon as she spoke a head popped up in the middle of the chamber He had been laying down behind a boulder A cow Oh, if you call him a cow that will just piss him off You don t want to piss Minotaur off, Ms Patriot, Dr Chun Fang said ominously Minotaur Half bull and half man I know what a minotaur is, she snapped, baby blues flashing Why create one To torment super heroines Dr Chun Fang said Another thing Never say he s hung like a horse He is, but he finds being compared to a horse quite offensive Ms Patriot barely heard Dr Chun Fang s warning She had bigger problems The minotaur stood up And up And up He was huge Ten feet tall, and his horns had to be six feet across The minotaur was splendidly built Thick chest slanting down into a narrow waist and ending in thick muscular legs He was covered in shaggy fur from the waist downAbout the Author Don has been hooked on sexy super heroines since the day he watched Frau Fausta Grables chloroform and capture Wonder Woman on TV It was a simple step from there into super heroines in peril stories Now he writes his own characters, and it having the time of his life doing so