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Instagram Twitter Facebook PinterestMOTHER DAUGHTER WIDOW WIFE is an interesting book that gets interesting as you read because it goes in several directions that you probably won t expect The format is a bit tricky, because it s told in multiple timelines with multiple POVs It took me a shamefully long time to figure that out going in so I ll detail a little about what s going on to make it easier for others.Lizzie is an ambitious student working at a research institution Her professor gives her a golden opportunity to study a woman who has been checked in to the institute who has dissociative amnesia Her POV takes place in the past Elizabeth is grown up Lizzie, now widowed and no longer involved in science Her POV takes place in the present Wendy is the name given to the woman with amnesia short for Wendy Doe who is surprisingly cynical about her situation Her POV takes place in the past Alice is Wendy s daughter She s looking into her mother s checkerboard past now that she s gone missing again Her POV is in the present.These three women and the roles they play in the narrative gradually intertwine Over the course of the novel, you learn about what drives Lizzie, what happened traumatic incident happened to Wendy, and how Alice lives under the shadow of her own psychological problems that remain largely unchecked The psychology neuroscience angle doesn t come into play as centrally as I thought it would, and this book isn t quite the thriller I imagined it would be based on the blurb and the cover It s almost like a domestic drama, like Lianne Moriarty would write, where it takes these intimate scenes from people s lives and uses them to do an exhaustive character study on some truly flawed and yet completely relatable characters.The first two thirds of this book read much faster than the last third I did feel like it slowed down a little, but before I could get bored, Wasserman threw a curveball that completely changed my feelings about one of the other characters in the book and put their relationship with another character in a wholly new light It made me realize how careful the foreshadowing was, and let me read the story with new eyes I m always impressed when an author can do that successfully as it shows such careful planning MOTHER DAUGHTER WIDOW WIFE is the type of book that will do really well in book clubs and I wouldn t be surprised to see it topping the best seller charts when it comes out It made me realize that I have some other Wasserman titles in my TBR pile that I really ought to read, because I m a sucker for books about morally grey women and she s quite good at writing them Thanks to the publisher for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review 3.5 stars [[ READ EPUB ]] ⇭ Mother Daughter Widow Wife ⇨ From The Author Of Girls On Fire Comes A Psychologically Riveting Novel Centered Around A Woman With No Memory, The Scientists Invested In Studying Her, And The Daughter Who Longs To Understand Who Is Wendy DoeThe Woman, Found On A Peter Pan Bus To Philadelphia, Has No Money, No ID, And No Memory Of Who She Is, Where She Was Going, Or What She Might Have Done She S Assigned A Name And Diagnosis By The State Dissociative Fugue, A Temporary Amnesia That Could Lift At Any Moment Or Never At All When Dr Benjamin Strauss Invites Her To Submit Herself For Experimental Observation At His Meadowlark Institute For Memory Research, She Feels Like She Has No Other Choice To Dr Strauss, Wendy Is A Female Body, Subject To His Investigation And Control To Strauss S Ambitious Student, Lizzie Epstein, She S An Object Of Fascination, A Mirror Of Lizzie S Own Desires, And An Invitation To Wonder Once A Woman Is Untethered From All Past And Present Obligations Of Womanhood, Who Is She Allowed To Become To Alice, The Daughter She Left Behind, Wendy Doe Is An Absence So Present It Threatens To Tear Alice S World Apart Through Their Attempts To Untangle The Mystery Of Wendy S Identity As Well As Wendy S Own Struggle To Construct A New Self Wasserman Has Crafted A Jaw Dropping, Multi Voiced Journey Of Discovery, Reckoning, And Reclamation Searing, Propulsive, And Compassionate, Mother Daughter Widow Wife Is An Ambitious Exploration Of Selfhood From An Expert And Enthralling Storyteller Is this smoke coming out of my frying brain cells Sure, it is I need an urgent transplant because my brain is not functioning properly It worked too much to understand this book and I hear the alarm bells and whooshing sound in my ears Yes, it was too much to handle This book terribly exhausted me and at some parts I failed to understand what the author meant Maybe I m not smart enough or I m not in the great mood to focus but I m lost There are so many parts are greatly written and I truly enjoyed but at some parts I lost my interest and I wanted to stop and put it on my dnf shelf This is different kind of Switzerland book because normally when I give a book three stars I don t enjoy them much but I also don t hate them This time I enjoyed some parts of the book mother daughter relationship, mystery about the women suffering from amnesia, moving back and forth to learn Wendy and Alice s connection but I also hated vague, slow burn, flat pacing and big plot holes I didn t get the answers I needed I was not intelligent enough to read the secret messages of the lines We re introduced Lizzie, a scientist, starts to work Neuroscience facility, hired by Dr Benjamin Strauss She finds a big opportunity to work on a rare case Wendy Doe, suffering from amnesia, fugue state, brought out the facility.And decades later, Lizzie meets with Alice at her doorstep Alice s mother is presumed dead but Alice believes that she is alive When she was younger, her mother disappeared for months in fugue state and then she returned back So she thinks it could happen again and she needs Lizzie s help.This book is about losing yourself and giving up your life, your identity and how to get them back, how to rediscover yourself As far as I get from the long, windy chapters and the small clues I gathered from going back and forth to the stories of three women, the reason they gave up so much and lost themselves connected to the men.This is dark, complex, compelling feminism and re discovery story like a phoenix s rising from the ashes When I read some parts I felt like I found a unique gem but pacing, moving in the dark and plot holes, unanswered questions, bizarre dialogues failed me At some parts I asked myself WTH I m reading What does it mean It s than thought provoking and mostly mind numbing, brain cell eliminating, exhausting train ride for me I m giving my 3 stars as I mentioned at the beginning I still adore author s talent and motivation It s still great reading but I think I need at least 12 hours sleep because this book made me feel like I ran 15K marathon And I felt like I just rent inside my head to a noisy construction company building a shopping mall complex My head aches so much Special thanks to NetGalley and Scribner for sharing this ARC in exchange my honest review.bloginstagramfacebooktwitter 3.5 stars If you were a fan of Wasserman s last book, GIRLS ON FIRE, I want to make sure you know right away that this is a much slower book I could tell it would wrestle with some tough stuff, but given the juicy hook and her previous book I wasn t expecting the slow pace and I think I would ve had a better experience if I d known that.The hook of this book is a woman in a fugue state, Wendy Doe, who is at the center of two other women s stories Wendy has lost all her memories and has ended up as a patient at a Neuroscience facility where Lizzie has just started a fellowship It is an opportunity to study something very rare, but it s not what in line with Lizzie s previous studies Wendy is presented to her, almost as a gift, by Dr Strauss, the renowned scientist who runs the facility Lizzie is feeling lost after the end of a relationship and the sudden failure of the projects she d worked on in grad school, and takes what Strauss offers because she doesn t know what else to do.Alice s mother has just disappeared, and while everyone else insists she s dead, Alice discovers that when she was young her mother was missing for months while in a fugue state and wonders if it could have happened again She shows up on Lizzie s doorstep decades later sending them both back into the past.It s a very juicy hook, and it set my expectations as a reader And there are some mysteries for us to solve But that isn t Wasserman s main concern What she really wants to do is consider Alice now and Lizzie at these two different points in time, and the way that these three women lose themselves, give themselves up, or become someone else either through or because of men When these stories all come together, when we get to see the depth of their confusion, their struggle with their own sense of self, the book really comes together Unfortunately for me, it took so long to get there and then it couldn t sustain itself Eventually one man becomes such a villain that it opens up a whole set of new discoveries which we then basically drop and wrap up instead of diving into I wanted all of the book to be what it was at its best, the third quarter of it, instead of what most of it was Sometimes it s really hard to judge a book when you feel like there s a better book hiding inside it, that if you carved some parts away and expanded other parts it would be what you want it to be It s an unfair thing to ask of a book, but it s also the real reaction I had. A woman, Wendy Doe, is found on a bus, penniless and disoriented, suffering from amnesia She s taken to a psychological institute to be examined and studied The doctor who treats her is Benjamin Strauss His research assistant, Lizzie, also studies Wendy for her research project we hear from her while she s working with Wendy, and we hear from her 20 years later We also hear from Alice, Wendy s daughter, again 20 years later Sounds confusing and, at first, it is but you get used to it.This book may be for the thriller crowd It s a slow moving, almost lyrical, mystery Parts had me hooked, but I also felt bored And confused I think I understand the overall message that women s bodies are often not their own, that their lives are not their own But yikes, what a downer If you re in the right mood, the book is okay Just be prepared for something very dark and depressing. What if a talented literary writer wrote a Soap aka Soap Opera with many of the attending tropes and themes Well, I think that is what Robin Wasserman has done successfully with her new novel, Mother Daughter Widow Wife We have the Soap staples an amnesiac, adultery, sex, obsession, complicated relationships, mystery, danger, and maybe not an evil twin but close Don t let any of that put you off This is a well written psychological mystery well worth your time After a laboratory failure that ruins years of her research on memory, Lizzie Epstein relocates from her life and relationship in California to her hometown of Philadelphia, to join a brilliant scientist Dr Benjamin Strauss who asks her to head up an investigation of Wendy Doe , a woman who was found on a bus with total amnesia Alice, is Wendy s daughter who is looking for answers to her mother s sudden disappearance HOWEVER, just when you think this is going to be a fairly straight forward narrative, Wasserman projects the reader 20 years into the future I thought Ah This just got interesting We go back and forth through time to learn about the identities of Wendy and Alice and the nature of Dr Strauss research and relationships I don t want to spoil anything because dramatic things happen that I did not foresee like in a good Soap Told through various female points of view mother, daughter, widow, wife , over past and present time lines, Wasserman deftly weaves in themes of identity and memory that will resonate with many readers Wasserman clearly did her research into Memory Science, and the history of treatment of female hysterics , all of which she presents in a fascinating and thought provoking way If we are who our memories make us, would we become fundamentally different people if we could curate our past If we could pick and choose what we remember Would we be happier if we could edit out our bad memories What IS identity What does it mean when we say things like that was unlike you or that was uncharacteristic or out of the blue How well do we really know ourselves, much less know anyone else in our life Do people change women in this novel change when they become mothers or is whatever we present to the world a performance All interesting questions, and perfect for literary book clubs to discuss Hat tip to Wasserman we don t learn Dr Strauss wife s name until 3 4th of the way through the book and it s Madeline Good one There s so much I could say about this book Wasserman s Mother Daughter Widow Wife is a masterful, lyrical meditation on memory, bodies, identity of the ways we interact with our past and future selves, how we spend a lifetime in a body that is only brought truly alive by memory Elizabeth, a bright graduate student, accepts an exceptional opportunity to study alongside a famous scientist whose life quickly consumes hers Together, they study Wendy Doe, a woman who is trapped in a fugue state, remembering nothing of her former life Years later, Alice has just graduated high school when she discovers her mother is missing and presumed dead Except, Alice s dad shares, this has happened before when Alice s mother went by Wendy Doe until her memory returned to her Alice seeks out Elizabeth to learn about the time in her mother s life when she ceased being the woman who was her mother.I loved this book It was one of those books I kept underlining passages of, over and over, wanting to revisit As I look back on each passage I wanted to keep close to my heart, they are all about ways of forgetting and remembering the story of what has happened to you how your memory shapes who you are, and how who you are is a dynamic creature that won t can t stop moving Fans of Nicole Krauss and Janet Finch will find a lot to love here And after finishing this novel, I immediately borrowed Wasserman s previous book, Girls On Fire from the library can t want to see what else she releases Thanks to NetGalley for a digital advanced copy in exchange for a thoughtful review. via my blog This body is not a temple, but it has been loved You d think someone would be looking for it In Mother Daughter Widow Wife, Elizabeth Lizzie Epstein leaves her studies on rats behind after a bit of screw up and hatches a plan to work beneath cognitive psychology s latest golden god in order to relaunch her research under the reputation, resource and genius of Benjamin Strauss of Medowlark Institute Of the four fellowship winners, only one will win the right to publish with Strauss Lizzie s ambitions have found the perfect home in Benjamin, the sure thing to guide her intellectual life, even if getting there puts an end her current relationship It isn t long before she meets the legend Strauss and is introduced to the subject that will take her into the labyrinth of the brain Wendy Doe, by all appearances, is about the same age as Lizzie but unlike her doesn t have a past to wrestle with.Wendy Doe, a woman found on a Peter Pan bus with no means of identification, including her own useless brain is going to change Lizzie s life despite having been spat out from her own Diagnosed with dissociative fugue state, she is no longer just a patient reliant on the state but Lizzie and Benjamin s subject matter A woman wiped clean of any evidence of a past, ripe for Benjamin s study into neurons, memory and brain dysfunction who Lizzie sees as a risk Unlike rats that can be controlled, at any moment her family could find her or her memory could replace the newborn woman who has taken over the body and ruin their research This subject has the ability to ask questions of the researchers and worse, it could be a superb act, a lie This study could end up being a waste of precious time and yet, Wendy could be key in launching Lizzie s career, especially with Dr Strauss s name attached Wendy doesn t seem to want to remember if it means total annihilation of her current self How could Lizzie possibly understand what it means to forget, to be without a well of memories to draw upon in order to define yourself For Lizzie, whose self is ever present, her memories are perfectly waiting in her brain, even within her body and always waiting to be entertained Wendy is akin to a living ghost and in some ways maybe all women are, dependent on the choices they make in life Lizzie herself will wear different forms of being by the novel s end, her life taking strange diversions, striving towards than her career pursuits for better or worse The death of other selves could well be the theme Embracing her ambition and casting it off, desire, love and passion for than science.Memories are imprints that sear the brain, creating a map of who we were so we can understand who we are as well as the person we are becoming Our likes, dislikes, passions, friendships, loves, victories, failures, traumas and recoveries all of these are building blocks It s terrifying to question what a core of a person is made of, how flimsy it truly is How reliable, fruitful is this garden in the brain that we tend to when so much of what we encounter is forgotten or falsely remembered How much meaning can we place upon our shared moments in time This question is a torment for Wendy s daughter, Alice Her mother disappeared and in order to solve the mystery of her mother s vanishing, she has to go backwards into Wendy s murky past Who was the mother she thought she knew Wendy resents being a test subject, but it s her last resort She is not just a body, though she is treated like one confronted with a stream of endless tests and questions She is research and a conundrum Dr Benjamin Strauss is desperate to solve but he was the first to make her feel like a human being Do we need other people to see us in order to become real She trusts him to explore the mysteries of her mind, but should she Why would she want to let the woman who slipped out of her mind to come back Where is the reason in thinking about that unwanted landlord who left a wobbly stranger in her place, who handed her this body with no crumbs to follow Unlike her rats, Wendy s existence brings to the surface questions than answers for Lizzie The she gets to know Wendy, who is slowly becoming a fresh person solely of the present, the she questions inconsistencies of the self In observing Wendy she is poking and prodding her own psyche There is a certain freedom she witnesses, to be a woman who doesn t need permission to think, to love, nor how to live Does such freedom require being erased, free of the expectations of others There too is Strauss, with his own plot of memories, a full life that she gets to excavate.How much meat is in concrete facts, or less than resides in a ravaged mind Everyone is elusive in their own way, even to themselves She longs for him to be intrigued by her and through their study of Wendy, this mutual intellectual pursuit, a fever is rising between them Strauss, through this study, may have just handed her the key into her life s work Like a pet, she beams under his praise How can she possibly resist this remarkable man and not be impressed by his genius What does such submission to a man s preeminence cost What is forgetting Why has Wendy s mind completely erased her, if she is to be believed Is erasure damnation or salvation Is it better to cling to this life without footholds or to be free of everything that kept you tethered Alice should be an anchor, she is the face on their other side of the cliff Wendy has plummeted from Did she know her mother at all, and if the mother she knew, the facts of her were just a wisp of cloud what can she understand about her own memories, facts Can Alice fill enough gaps to conjure her mother and unravel her many disappearances Are omissions just another name for lies Does Wendy have a center at all Alice will seek answers through Lizzie, but may get lost in a complex maze.I know reviews will be mixed, but what drew me in is the stark terror of memory, that greasy, sometimes mean little weasel that often than not betrays us, leads us astray or abandons us altogether What do we owe it, what does it owe us Lizzie and Wendy are both Benjamin s subjects, in a sense, as the lines blur It could be said Wendy studies them too that s the problem with a thinking, feeling subject, not just whether or not they are forthright but that you run the risk of influencing them, or they you What do we project unto others There is a lot happening here, and the presence of all the women in Benjamin s life dominate the story What about Benjamin and how he files his life experiences It is most important how the women, dependent on their place in Strauss s life, identify with each other but it is also about who present ourselves to be and the identity people allow us to embrace.I really liked this story, even if it frustrates other readers, the novel had my mind going in strange places.Publication Date July 7, 2020Scribner I was really drawn in at the beginning What a fascinating story The middle dragged with a lot of science jargon I m a scientist and even I was bored and some boring stories The story started to take flight again with about 75 pages to go But overall, I would not recommend. Review to follow but you can probably tell how I felt about it since I finished it in one sitting