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Disclaimer I received an Advance Reader Copy at no cost from the publisher author All opinions in my review are my own This book was such a delightful little gem I have such a soft spot for YA books that feature characters that have a passion and love for music When I was in high school, music was my everything It was my ultimate passion and what I lived for day to day Reading this book was really nostalgic for me I really felt every moment of this book so ardently These characters were truly something special To say that they spoke to me would be a bit of an understatement I was so wrapped up in these characters and I loved them so much I loved that these characters had plenty of depth They have so many layers and the author really brings out their complexity I loved that the main characters had such tremendous growth in the story This book also has an array of secondary characters that really made things interesting I adored all the friendships and relationships in this book The romance in the story was very touching to me because the two main characters were so obviously perfect for each other The romantic gesture in this book by one of the characters is just so damn romantic that it makes my heart want to burst The two main characters are very attuned to one another They have such beautiful chemistry and the reader can t help but root for them The plot of the story really came together nicely All the ducks were lined up nicely and everything was executed perfectly in the story The story was very addicting I was so entranced that I read the entire book in a single sitting I couldn t get enough The storytelling was such a pleasure to read I love the writing style and the author s voice Overall, this is an atmospheric story that was a pleasure to get lost in I was very much impressed with this book and I cannot wait to read from this author More reviews on my blog Novel Nerd Faction This was a super cute read and this is seriously one of my favorite contemporary covers ever [Read Pdf] ♟ More Than Maybe ⚒ Growing Up Under His Punk Rocker Dad S Spotlight, Eighteen Year Old Luke Greenly Knows Fame And Wants Nothing To Do With It His Real Love Isn T In Front Of A Crowd, It S On The Page Hiding His Gift And Secretly Hoarding Songs In His Bedroom At Night, He Prefers The Anonymous Comfort Of The Locally Popular Podcast He Co Hosts With His Outgoing And Meddling, Far Too Jealousy Inspiringly Happy With His Long Term Boyfriend Twin Brother, Cullen But That S Not Luke S Only Secret He Also Has A Major Un Requited Crush On Music Blogger, Vada CarsewellVada S Got A Five Year Plan Secure A Job At The Loud Lizard To Learn From Local Legend And Her Mom S Boyfriend Phil Josephs Check , Take Over Phil S Music Blog Double Check , Get Accepted Into Berkeley S Prestigious Music Journalism Program Check, Check, Check , Manage Ann Arbor S Summer Concert Series And Secure A Rolling Stone Internship Luke Greenly Is Most Definitely NOT On The List So What If His Self Deprecating Charm And Out Of This World Music Knowledge Makes Her Dizzy Or His Brother Just Released A Bootleg Recording Of Luke Singing About Some Mystery Girl On Their Podcast And She Really, Really Wishes It Was Her 3.5 starsI appreciate how this book was than just a typical young adult romance The characters were well developed and weren t primarily focused on their love lives all the time And I enjoyed how the author used music in the story as the characters would go back and forth sharing different songs that were relevant in certain situations Luke Greenly has seen what life is like under the spotlight as his dad is a famous punk rock musician While Luke enjoys making music, he has no interest in performing in front of a crowd He does however like co hosting a locally popular podcast with his brother Vada Carsewell is a music blogger and is hoping to attend college out west after she graduates high school She works at Loud Lizard, a club that is owned by her mother s boyfriend, Phil Guess who records his podcast at the Loud Lizard Why Luke of course And Vada has a bit of a crush on Luke, and Luke has a bit of a crush on Vada Hmm what s going to happen Vada and Luke had good chemistry which is always a huge plus The role music played in how they got to know each other enhanced the story Although boo to their opinions on Stevie Nicks One of the strengths of the novel was the story wasn t so dependent on romance instead the characters also had other things going on in their lives The author set up two interesting story lines involving Vada s relationship with her father and Luke s relationship with his dad It helped contribute to this being a cute story but with some substance.Thank you to Wednesday Books for providing me with an advance copy in exchange for an honest review 11 01 2019 A title and a cover I kind of wish it wasn t illustrated and kind of fit with the style of You d Be Mine Oh, well I just finished You d Be Mine a few weeks ago But I am so ready for this book Goodreads Blog Pinterest LinkedIn YouTube Instagram 3.5 generous STARSThis book is for music enthusiasts who enjoy good song and genre references in their YA reads Be ready for a lot of adorkable teenage angst and overthinkingOverall.That s it, I m making it official I m in a bloody reading slump.I m not gonna lie to you, folks I feel like an utter tosser not adoring this book Honestly, what is wrong with me It features angsty teenagers, a pure gay love, family relationships, personal emotional growth and an awful lot of bloody good music.I have a distinct feeling this book is phenomenal but my reading slump just wasn t having it The vibes that came off More Than Maybe were incredible but overall couldn t add to my enjoyment of the book The chemistry between vada and luke was about the cutest thing since Roomies or even Love Lettering The fact that they ve adored each other for three fudging years was literally everything it took for me to finally read this At last, we have a propper and relatable romance, where we can actually understand the infatuation with each other every average romance out there, cough cough, I m eying you What s happening.Be cool, hormonesa brief summary of the cuteness that is More Than Maybe, in which you can accompany two older teenagers balancing family life and self discovery while also trying to not act like total doofuses in front of each other If you don t want this, just think about your priorities for a hot minute, aightwriting quality easy of reading 5 pace 2 plot story in general 5 plot development 3 characters 3 enjoyability 3 insightfulness Many thanks to Erin Hahn, Wednesday Books and NetGalley, who provided me with this eArc in exchange for an honest review. Absolutely LOVED Full review to come EDITED TO ADD REVIEW I expected to love More Than Maybe, I did not expect it to steal my heart The characters, the story, the music, the sheer friendship and love This is by far the first YA book in a really long time I can say completely swept me a way in just about every way a girl, a reader, can be swept away And yes, dear author, I want a Phil And a Cullen, and a Zach, and a Mia, and yes, especially a Luke This was so much than I was expecting and everything I needed, when I needed it, without even realizing it Such a sweet story that will stick with me long after the book has been read, and the review has been submitted ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This book is perfect for any music enthusiast.This is a kind of confession, but I m the worst when it comes to music I can t carry a tune, and can t for the life of me remember lyrics I m the WORST So, much of the music related stuff in this novel, the YouTube references, singers, songs, etc went a bit over my head.But what I enjoyed the most about this book were the characters.Luke and Vada had such similar backstories, and complimented each other in a genuine way Also the supporting characters, Luke s family, his brother Cullen and best friend Zack, Vada s family, and especially Phil, made this novel full of likable and interesting characters There was no limit to how wonderful they all played off each other It was fun to see them interact with each other, and the many different dynamics that were part of each group.Overall, the writing was as wonderful as I remember in the author s debut novel Maybe some paragraphs felt like fillers, they dragged a little and weren t actually needed in the overall storyline, but besides that I just love the author s writing style She describes things so authentic and with such an eye to detail that scenes are easily pictured in my mind.All in all More Than Maybe is a novel that will be a hit with many YA readers and especially music lovers.I received a copy of this book from the publisher for free in exchange for an honest review My opinions have not been influenced by the publisher or the author.Find reviews and book recommendations on my blogFollow me on Bookstagram 4.5 stars, rounded up More Than Maybe , Erin Hahn s upcoming book, is a terrific story about music, love, family, and the freedom to follow or not follow your passions.Vada has had a crush on Luke Greenly for a while It s not just his accent his family moved to Michigan from the UK when he was younger or his looks it s his soulfulness, his personality, and of course, the passion for music they share.Luke has always been partial to gingers so of course Vada catches his eye every time he and his brother record their podcast at the bar where she works But Vada s passion for music her music blog is one of Luke s obsessions fuels his crush on her.The two pair up for a senior assignment and they learn about each other s vulnerabilities and ambitions, and try to fight the undeniable chemistry between them Vada wants to be a music journalist and Luke wants to write music but not sing it despite his musician father s desire that Luke pursue stardom he could so obviously achieve.When Luke s brother secretly releases a recording of Luke singing a love song he wrote, it sets off a ton of ripples that affect everyone And Vada isn t too embarrassed to admit she wishes he was singing to her.While the book took a little bit to hit its groove, I really loved it These characters were just so appealing and weren t overly erudite or sarcastic so they felt very real to me I read this until late the other night and was totally choking up in the dark I m a sap, so whatever I love the way Erin Hahn writes Her first book, You d Be Mine , was amazing, too Loved the mentions of that book in this one If you love books about music and love, here s one for you NetGalley and Wednesday Books provided me with an advance copy of the book in exchange for an unbiased review Thanks for making it available The book publishes July 21.Check out my list of the best books I read in 2019 at Check out my list of the best books of the decade at all of my reviews at itseithersadnessoreuphoria.blogspot.com.Follow me on Instagram at Just you wait, guys JUST YOU WAIT.