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READ KINDLE ô More Tales of the City ⚜ The divinely human comedy that began with Tales of the City rolls recklessly along as Michael Tolliver pursues his favourite gynaecologist, Mona Ramsey uncovers her roots in a desert whorehouse, and Mary Ann Singleton finds love at sea with the amnesiac of her dreams There is something so remarkable about the way Armistead Maupin writes It's so gossipy and intimate and I can't help but want to knowabout everyone on Barbary Lane I said it before and I'll say it again, I feel like I've been given an invite to the biggest gossip session in town, and I've been thrilled with every minute of it.So great to readabout Mrs Madrigal, Michael, Mona, Brian and yesMaryAnn Oh MaryAnn, will you ever lose those ol' Connecticut ways? I can't fault this second volume It's truly delicious and I laughed out loud so much. A surreal sequel to the first volume of the series, More Tales of the City heightens the stakes of the original: mystery, romance, and drama now feature evenprominently in the intertwining storylines of the residents of 28 Barbary Lane Maupin established his characters' personalities and their relationship to each other in Tales of the City, and he here has fun placing them in increasingly absurd and convoluted scenarios, be it a brush with a near fatal illness or the revelation of hidden parentage The sheer amount of chaos makes the second entry of the series read as at oncethrilling andtedious than the first. Armistead Maupin is one of the best summer read writers His Tales of the City trilogy is part sitcom, part kitsch, melodramatic and historic, irreverent and yet oso dated, damn if you cannot recognize his influence in groundbreaking TV, like Sex and the City and Will Grace Things are explained, expanded, the 4 or so separate strands of character destinies intertwine and repel each other at intervals that make the reader anticipate each and every episode The ridiculousness will tickle you, the characters will stay with you Finally, Michael Tolliver's contribution to gay lit is madeclear, as is why Mrs Anna Madrigal was my favorite character from the last installment in the first place (Duh!) For all her trials, she loved it here in San Francisco, and she loved her makeshift family at Mrs Madrigal's comfy old apartment house on Barbary Lane pg 11, ebookAll of the characters whom readers loved from the first book (Tales of the City) are back and mixing things up in San Francisco This soap operaish fictional series remains as fastpaced in its second installation as it was from the start.Mary Ann is still working for Halcyon Communications, which is under new leadership, and has to face a new set of challenges That's not even mentioning the dark memories she's trying to forget about a certain former boyfriend, or two.Michael Tolliver, called Mouse by his friends, is still on the look out for love after a disastrous semirelationship in the last book.Mona Ramsey, the free spirit, is about to uncover another major secret about her past She can add it all of the other ones she's picked upAnd she was she believed the only one who knew Mrs Madrigal's secret That knowledge, over, formed a mystical bond between the two women, an unspoken sisterhood that fed Mona's soul on the bleakest of days pg 18There's a pregnancy, romantic cruise, conspiracy, secret club andin this installment A mustread for any fan of the series.I want it too badly, Mary Ann Any idiot can see that When you want it too badly, no one wants you No one is attracted to that desperation pg 129One criticism I had for this book, the same I had for the last one, is in the highly unlikely coincidences contained in many of the plot twists It seems to me that in a city the size of San Francisco, the dozen or so main characters would belikely to run into other people than each other.But, like most works of fiction, I suppose it's fine to suspend your disbelief on some points.As for the rest of the book, I would describe it as compulsively readable It's almost like book candy, you can't stop at just reading one I certainly couldn't.And, with that, it's on to the next one