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#FREE PDF ⚫ Monstrous Penetrations: Monster Erotica 4-Book Bundle ⚻ Four tales of sexy young woman screaming in mingled pain and pleasure as they re roughly taken by insatiable, hugely hung monsters Included in this bundle are Unstoppable Lacey is a Space Marine, trained to be tough, trained to fight But all her training won t help her when she finds herself alone and on the run from a hulking, massively hung alien monster in a remote research base Her laser rifle won t stop it Grenades won t stop it The base s titanium reinforced doors won t stop it Nothing will stop it until it gets what it wants to roughly have its way with the sexy young soldier Taken by the Ogres Furious at being forced into an arranged marriage, Arabella Stroud runs away from home to teach her overbearing father a lesson But she makes the mistake of cutting through Stonemouth Forest, where she learns a lesson of her own when she s captured by a trio of ogres, and the huge, well hung brutes roughly have their way with her Like an Animal Dr Celestia Devereux of WEIRD s Cryptozoology Division has seen her share of unusual monsters But the group s latest acquisition is different The incredibly well endowed beast clearly lusts after Celestia Though she knows she shouldn t, she can t help teasing the captive monster with some tantalizing peeps of the body it wants so badly It s just a little good natured fun until the hulking creature bursts from its supposedly escape proof cell and roughly takes the sexy scientist D d by Bigfoot When she joined WEIRD s Cryptozoology Division, innocent young Tammy Underwood knew she was in for some surprising experiences But she never imagined she would wind up buck naked in the deep woods, serving as bait in a Bigfoot hunt Nor could she imagine that the scheme would go awry, and she would find herself completely at the mercy of the rough monster man