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I like it the monster blood coming to life.Andy surely made it But it was interesting. When Evan is at his aunt s house he meets a girl named Andy His aunt brings him to an old toy store and they buy a can of monster blood But when they get home and open it they notice it keeps on growing and getting hotter and hotter We ll I saw the show about monster blood, and I really liked it Because it was about something that was found in some house in a weird attic or basement I don t know But this was a really good show But I wish I read the book I want to ask a Question about this Is this book Exactly like the show So any who cares to answer my question please send it to my email ejvalentin39 gmail.com As a 90s kid, my parents didn t let me read any of Goosebumps books, so I had to try now Well, meh Nothing special, nothing really interesting Maybe I d think different if I were a kid, who knows. Alyssa ok .Epub ☢ Monster Blood ☨ Evan and Andy are in a sticky situation when they buy a can of Monster Blood in an old toy store The green goo is growing Can it really be alive monster blood it sounds much scarier than it is