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.Download Epub ⚔ Mongolia's Culture And Society ☧ Culture of Mongolia WikipediaMongolian Culture, Religion, Traditions, Customs, Music is an integral part of Mongolian culture and the Mongolians are renowned for their love for music and singing Any Mongolian celebration always turns into a celebration of singing Mongolian music conveys the deep appreciation that Mongolians have for their country, its natural beauty and the inspiring deep blue sky above the vast Mongolian landscape Mongolian songs are often about beloved horses Mongolia Culture, History, People Britannica Mongolia, landlocked country in north central Asia Its remarkable variety of scenery consists largely of upland steppes, semideserts, and deserts, though in the west and north are forested high mountain ranges alternating with lake dotted basins The capital, Ulaanbaatar, is Culture of Mongolia history, people, clothingLike many nomadic pastoral cultures, the Mongols had a segmentary society, originally organized into a hierarchy of families, clans, tribes, and confederations While social classes including nobility, herders, artisans, and slaves existed, the social structure was not completely rigid and social mobility was possible Under socialism, economic and social equality increased as variation in herd size and wealth Mongolia Culture, Art, History and Traditions Mongolian culture, Arts, Traditions including language, clothes, games, religion, music and festivals Culture Embassy of Mongolia Culture Mongolia is well known for its nomadic traditions The nomadic way of lifestyle is still practiced today in the rural areas of the country Nomads follow a seasonal routine raising and breeding the five main types of stock goat, sheep, cattle including yaks , camel and horse, migrating from place to place following the most favorable pastures and campsites