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!E-PUB ♗ MOM TO MILLIONAIRE: Finding the Path to Financial Peace ♍ Many of us live paycheck to paycheck We dream of a better and brighter life; but never achieve it We hope and pray for a better job or pay; but never reach our goals We never seem to feel financially independent or free Living the American dream is a myth for most of us Mom to Millionaire explains how an individual, who had all the odds stacked against her, became successful in life It was not an easy journey, but she did it, and so can you and everyone else In this book, you will learn:•The paths to financial freedom•How to increase your net worth•How to create generational wealth•How to gain control of your life and thoughts•How a regular job cannot guarantee financial peace The financial selfhelp book "Mom to Millionaire: Finding the Path to Financial Peace" from author Margaret Curlew travels through familiar territory for books of this kind, but important differences are separating Curlew’s work from others Few will be able to match the personal qualities of this text Curlew has a powerful and unique story about how she gradually discovered a method for realizing her financial ambitions and learned from an assortment of experiences along the way She is an ideal example of what we might call a “selfmade woman” in the sense that she pulled herself up by her proverbial bootstraps and forged her path to material success She is not consumed by money It is clear reading this book that Curlew views financial security as sharing an intrinsic link with personal happiness that isn’t shallow but, instead, practical Once we are free from worries about income, we can pursue larger plans and have a chance to enjoy our lives in ways not available to us before You will not finish this book believing Curlew is facile She has written this book from a wellmeaning place and wants to help others make the same lasting changes she has affected in her life ABOUT THE AUTHOR: makes the path to financial peace clear to readers One reason for this is that she has put a great deal of thought into the necessary moves individuals need to make to improve their financial position and potential Her ideas are fully fleshed out and tested through personal application; there is no theorizing She supports those ideas with an assortment of visual aids crunching numbers for the reader and they provide additional evidence supporting her points of view Another reason is the clear prose she employs Curlew never drags readers into the weeds with extended detours or selfindulgence; her focus locks onto the issue at hand and never runs off the rails She has professional polish as a writer but, despite the personal edge running throughout the book, one can sense her maintaining a certain amount of distance from readers Some of this is attributable to the short sentences she uses for the bulk of "Mom to Millionaire" Concision in any writing endeavor is undoubtedly important, but Curlew leans so heavily on curt line by line writing that it achieves a near robotic quality at times : experience as a real estate investor, wealth consultant, and academic degrees in commerce and business give her the necessary credentials to take this book seriously Margaret Curlew has come a long way since the days when she fretted over her consistently small bank account despite all of her wellmeaning efforts to improve her financial situation and has a honest desire to share the lessons she internalized with a wide swath of the reading public "Mom to Millionaire: Finding the Path to Financial Peace" is an invaluable addition to the evergrowing topic of money management selfhelp literature and will add to her growing reputation as one of the most creative minds on this topic. I have always strived to not only earn money, but to be able to properly spend and invest my money Financial literacy is very important knowledge and I am glad that I found Mom to Millionaire by Margaret Curlew One feels that this book was written by a specialist and that all the tips have been tested in practice I have no illusions and I never thought that there is a secret, thanks to which one day I will wake up as a millionaire, but I don’t even want to do that Thanks to the book of Margaret Curlew, I received all the necessary information about how to manage your money in order to achieve financial stability and freedom 5 stars! MOM TO MILLIONAIRE: Finding the Path to Financial Peace by Margaret Curlew is very simple and useful for everybody textbook, a set of tips for those who are trying not only to survive in this world, not just to live from paycheck to paycheck and to worry about how to pay their bills every time, but wants a free and decent life This is not a magic book that reveals the "secret secrets" how to become rich and successful in one day lying on the couch No, this is an absolutely serious book for those who are willing to work and change their lives for the better! My motto is learning from the best and as soon as I read the short biography of the author, I realized that her book would not be a waste of time and money for me Margaret Curlew is a real professional and she knows what she is talking about, because all her advice is based on practice and confirmed by her own success My intuition did not let me down MOM TO MILLIONAIRE: Finding the Path to Financial Peaceby Margaret Curlew is full of very simple and useful tips These tips can very easily be applied in life and each person can gain financial freedom and confidence in future if they follow these tips and work a lot on themselves This wonderful book deservesthan 5 stars !!!