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Miss Maggie is a great book for reinforcing caring and compassion in your classroom community The book tells of a young boy who has to deal with his elderly neighbor, Miss Maggie on a daily basis Like many young children, the boy is initially frightened by her but when winter sets in we find that even though the boy is afraid, that does not stop him from being a kind person who does the right thing despite his fears. Rylant, one of my favorite children s authors, describes the heart and soul of the lonely, elderly Appalachian neighbor This first book is beautifully written and exemplifies great generational friendship. This is a very nice book that is lovingly crafted using the golden Cynthia Rylant touch The eponymous sweetness of including the protagonist named Nat Crawford is a wonderful addition, and he is a winsome and totally lovable person Miss Maggie shows how one boy, shy of the older woman Miss Maggie at first, grows to overcome his misplaced apprehension and see her as a human person, just like himself. This book is one of my new favorites The drawings are very simple and abstract, and the children are extremely involved while reading Mine did not say a peep while I read it, and were at the edge of their seats waiting to see what happened It shows what compassion truly is, and how we should not judge any book by its cover or by what other people might say Such an amazing read. A good book for children to read that will allow them to visualize and predict Also a good book to read that will teach compassion and unlikely friendships. This story is all about an unlikely friendship The pictures really let the reader s imagination take over Wonderful book. |DOWNLOAD ♻ Miss Maggie ♠ Young Nat is afraid of old Miss Maggie and her rotting log house until his heart conquers his fears A good book for inferring strategies A farm like book. Sweet picture book about a young boy overcoming his predjudice against an old, strange neighbor. This book is great to use when modelling a variety of skills, including prediction, inferring, and visualization Students really interact with the text.