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Dense reading at times, and recommended for those with a base knowledge of Mexican history Provides interesting charts, graphs, and maps. Its taking me forever to read this bookzzzzz..zzzz ( Download Book ) ☪ Mexico: A Brief History ♐ Beginning with the pre Hispanic period and ending with the latest democratic developments of the twenty first century, this definitive one volume history of Mexico analyzes the ways that economic, social, and political dynamics have interacted to shape the nation s past Alicia Hern ndez Ch vez takes into account new historiography which is fully integrated with anthropology, political science, economics, and international relations to present an original and fresh interpretation of the structures and processes that determined the country s evolution Based on the latest sources in both Spanish and other languages, this book illustrates that Mexico s history far from being one of violent change, uprisings, and revolution tended toward stability and political collaboration Hern ndez Ch vez argues that Mexicans relied on tradition and institutions to effect change, resorting to disorder and destruction as little as possible Numerous maps, tables, and charts support the text, providing extensive information on geography, social structures, the economy, politics, education, health, and transportation