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This book could be kind of thin like the Animorph books but I know the plot is pretty cool It s a good book overall. As I d just read a number of short stories about Selkies, this really kept that mythic mood going yet made it fit in with reality in an intriguing way. #DOWNLOAD ⚣ Merihevoset ê Ikivanhan legendan mukaan julma hevoshenki merest vangittiin pieneen kuvapatsaaseen, joka on Tamzinin mummon hallussa Jos henki joskus p sisi vapaaksi, olisi seurauksena hurjia myrskyj , vaarallisen voimakkaita vuorovesi ja suurta h vityst Mutta hevospatsas kiehtoo Tamzinia ja pian h n joutuu sen valtaan A solid childhood favourite which still has a deep, treasured place within my heart and imagination to this day It sparked an almost obsessive fascination with nature, balance, mystery, and yes, horses I must have read this no less than 10 times. I was so young when I read this, but I remember loving it It was special and captivating especially for a young mind Even now I wouldn t mind going back to read it It was magical I waited years for the next one after this, and even now I haven t read it I hope to one day This is the book which made me discover libraries and how they work I had found the first copy in my school s limited collection, and I desperately wanted to read the rest of them My life changed when I realised that libraries have books, I have never looked back since.I loved this book in year 6, it was ridiculously exciting and oen of my favourite books of all time. I love this book it s about this girl who finds this statue that then tries to take revenge.It s been a while since I ve read this book, but I should re read it. Sea horses is a very gud book It is a bit too easy for my level.SOnia this was my shit when i was a child. I have loved this book since I was 13.It s about a girl who breaks a statue thing, and then an evil horse from the sea comes to seek revenge on her.I enjoyed this series thoroughly and was sad to read the final bookR.I.P to the Author I was luckily enough to receive an email from her before she died.