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Basic Concept Various crafty projects for those who are also Crafty.I liked many of the projects in this book, but have only completed one, a Blessed Be cross stitch that really caught my eye It turned out lovely Some of the projects look overly simple, almost childish to me, so I don t know how many of them will ever be completed, but there are a lot that look fun or modifiable to besophisticated. Good instruction and directions for crafting sewing, knitting, crochet, embroidery, etc.Magic part and patterns is wicca. I have completed many crafts from this book, i loved it {READ PDF} ê Magical Needlework: 35 Original Projects & Patterns ê Explore the amazing versatility of the magical arts of needlecraft with thirty five original projects and patterns in Magical Needlework by Dorothy Morrison Whether you do knitting, cross stitch, or other common techniques, Magical Needlework will not only show you magical patterns, but the underlying magic of each movement and stitch so that all of your needlework becomes magical The projects in this book will help you create magically charged items that bring helpful, positive energy into your home and your life Magical Needlework offers descriptions of twelve different embroidery stitches, nine magically symbolic patchwork designs, and twenty eight crochet and knitting stitches to help you turn even the most mundane craft projects into magical masterpieces Along with an overview of the origins and folklore associated with each of the crafts in this book and an introduction to the ancient arts of spinning and weaving, you ll find instructions for Natural dyeing with herbs, flowers, bark, and roots Sewing a fairie dress for Midsummer Night s Eve Safeguarding your home with an herbal protection charms Crocheting a pentacle wall hanging Knitting a meditation mat for balance in your life Spark your creative spirit and fill your home with magical energy and enchanting handicrafts It s easy with Magical Needlework