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~READ DOWNLOAD ♼ Loveless ♂ The Fourth Novel From The Phenomenally Talented Alice Oseman One Of The Most Authentic And Talked About Voices In Contemporary YA It Was All Sinking In I D Never Had A Crush On Anyone No Boys, No Girls, Not A Single Person I Had Ever Met What Did That MeanGeorgia Has Never Been In Love, Never Kissed Anyone, Never Even Had A Crush But As A Fanfic Obsessed Romantic She S Sure She Ll Find Her Person One Day As She Starts University With Her Best Friends, Pip And Jason, In A Whole New Town Far From Home, Georgia S Ready To Find Romance, And With Her Outgoing Roommate On Her Side And A Place In The Shakespeare Society, Her Teenage Dream Is In Sight But When Her Romance Plan Wreaks Havoc Amongst Her Friends, Georgia Ends Up In Her Own Comedy Of Errors, And She Starts To Question Why Love Seems So Easy For Other People But Not For Her With New Terms Thrown At Her Asexual, Aromantic Georgia Is Uncertain About Her Feelings Than Ever Is She Destined To Remain Loveless Or Has She Been Looking For The Wrong Thing All Along This Wise, Warm And Witty Story Of Identity And Self Acceptance Sees Alice Oseman On Towering Form As Georgia And Her Friends Discover That True Love Isn T Limited To Romance when was this announced so I don t know about you but I have never read an aro ace OwnVoices book before In other words, we don t deserve Alice Oseman. people be getting arcs through netgalley and I m just here, a poor sad a spec girl crying bc she doesn t have one omh hello am I reading this right Am I right in assuming this has an aro ace heroine Am I crying because the premise of this book sounds inherently familiar to my life experience Yes, yes I am.EDIT it s worth noting that this book details about it have not been finalised yet, but it is about an a spec girl coming to accept herself not being cured as some previously thought and it is an ownvoices novel There has been a bit of confusion here there, but I have absolute faith in Oseman for doing this and respect too, because it ll be a highly personal novel , and I m very excited for what she s going to come up with.anyway cracks knuckles I will single handedly ensure this succeeds if I have to, stay tuned closer to the release date for some pre order giveaways kids EDIT2 AAAH THE COVER IT IS PURPLE ASPEC REPRESENT for people saying they ve never read a book with an a spec narrator before, whilst waiting for this one I would definitely recommend Summer Bird Blue by Akemi Dawn Bowman I personally connected to it a lot My aro ace heart needs this. thank you alice oseman for having all your book covers match oh thank god AAAAAAAAAAAHHHH ALICE OSEMAN WITH AN OV ACE BOOK This book exists Me hoLY Me strangled screaming Me did yOU HEARMe ALICE OSEMAN HAS A NEW BOOKMe AND IT CENTERS AN ARO ACE MCMe pounds fist on table Me screaming This is my most anticipated release of 2020, no competition sorry Chain of Gold, but you re close second Also this cover hit my feelings like a ton of bricks Firstly, I m aro ace Secondly, I don t know how to explain the emotion that this illustration conveys, but I sure as hell can tell you that I FEEL this illustration and I feel like this illustration most of the time And it is painful idek.Ok, I ll try Like I hope that the ways I experience love are good enough For, you know, people I care about deeply And pets I care about And causes I care about And whatever else there is in this world, that I care about Even if it s not romantic love.