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!Download Book ♿ Love Her or Lose Her ♖ New York Times Bestselling Author Tessa Bailey Returns With A Unique, Sexy Romantic Comedy About A Young Married Couple Whose Rocky Relationship Needs A Serious Renovation Rosie And Dominic Vega Are The Perfect Couple High School Sweethearts, Best Friends, Madly In Love Well, They Used To Be Anyway Now Rosie S Lucky To Get A Caveman Grunt From The Ex Soldier Every Time She Walks In The Door Dom Is Faithful And A Great Provider, But The Man She Fell In Love With Ten Years Ago Is Nowhere To Be Found When Her Girlfriends Encourage Rosie To Demand Out Of Life And Pursue Her Dream Of Opening A Restaurant, She Decides To Demand Out Of Love, Too Three Words Marriage Boot CampNever In A Million Years Did Rosie Believe Her Stoic, Too Manly To Emote Husband Would Actually Agree To Relationship Rehab With A Weed Smoking Hippy Dom Talking About Feelings Sitting On Pillows Communing With Nature Learning Love Languages Nope But To Her Surprise, He S All In, And It Forces Her To Admit Her Own Role In Their Cracked Foundation As They Complete One Ridiculous Yet Surprisingly Helpful Assignment After Another, Their Remodeled Relationship Gets Stronger Than Ever Except Just As They Re Getting Back On Track, Rosie Discovers Dom Has A Secret And It Could Demolish Everything sobs uncontrollablyFriends, I hate that I didn t love this , as Fix Her Up was one of my favorite romances released in the past year, but here we are It s still deliciously steamy, but I just didn t connect with Rosie and Dominic the way that I thought I would based on our brief introduction in the first book of the series If you enjoy the overbearing man type of romance, you ll enjoy this much than I did Please give this one a try for yourself, as I m clearly in the minority for this oneMany thanks to the publisher for providing my review copy via NetGalley. 1 Fix Her Up Blog Instagram Twitter Tumblr Youtube Twitch Buddy read with Romie from books coffee with romie 2.5 stars, I think I d be lying if I said this wasn t than a little disappointing Fix Her Up was one of my favorite romances of the year and unfortunately this one didn t even come close to hitting the same mark for me I didn t feel the chemistry between Rosie and Dominic that I was hoping to feel based off of the snippets of tension we see between them in Fix Her Up Also, if you disliked Travis the love interest from Fix Her Up for being too hyper masculine, you will definitely not like Dominic His entire personality revolved around being the man Rosie needed and it just really didn t work for me Overall, this book was entertaining and I didn t hate it, but it definitely had strikes against it than positives for me and I am sad Womp x1000000 Phew talk about STEAMY and HOT my friends I LOVED this book This was the perfect book to take on my honeymoon to Mexico What can you ask for Steam, spice, emotions, romance, and relatable characters The fact that she wrote about a married couple I loved it even The romance between these two characters was sweet, sexy, and oh my INTENSE This is what a romance is all about my friends You can t turn away from the chemistry between these two Dominic and Rosie are are on the brink of a separation after being married for 10 years They both are unhappy with lack of communication and misunderstood desires that has led to a marriage of silence They both are scared to talk to one another will their marriage last I ve heard mixed reviews for her first book which I haven t read but this is ONE that you cannot miss 4.5 stars Thank you so much to Avon and Netgalley for the arc in exchange for an honest review.Pub date 1 14 20Published to GR 11 24 19 Argh this book started out so strong but really irritated me by the end Rosie and Dominic Vega are high school sweethearts They used to be madly in love Now they don t talk at all really Dom is faithful and works hard, but he isn t man she fell in love with ten years ago When Rosie decides to look for out of life and pursue her dream of opening a restaurant, she decides to demand out of love, too.As a married woman, I was really excited to read a book about a couple fighting to save their marriage, rather than a love story about a couple finding each other, so I requested and received an ARC However, I did not really enjoy this book I m definitely in the minority, but this book irritated me I wanted to see a couple finding their way back to each other, using a therapist, but this fell so short.Firstly, if you, like me do not like the ridiculously over protective and dominant man, then this book isn t for you Dominic was such a caveman, and had little character development His whole life and personality was about giving Rosie what she needed, but without actually asking her if that was what she wanted I m so tired about reading about these kind of guys who say they trust their woman, but not other men, who just want to throw their wives or girlfriends over their shoulders and carry them home I don t know any men like that, and I m so glad In one scene view spoiler When Dominic and his friends found out that their WAGs were going to the city on a girls night out, they became so upset and insecure that they tracked them down and followed them, then interrupted them, became all possessive,and then seduced them etc This made me so mad They were out for a girly night, to let their hair down and have fun If my husband had intruded on my night out like this, I would have been furious None of them trusted their partners, and it was just infuriating reading about it hide spoiler 5 Team Vega Stars I can t express how touched I felt while reading this book This was a second chance romance at its best It was poignant, it was funny, heart warming and so so sexy It was simply magic It s very easy for long term relationships to become stagnant We can become complacent with our partner s wants and needs we get too comfortable And this is the situation we find Rosie and Dominic Vega in when we first meet them in Love Her or Lose Her Rosie is done her dreams have dissolved and she can no longer bear just existing in a loveless marriage So she finds the courage to leave She wanted to comb through the last handful of years and hurl every nuance of her pain at him Shattered and confused as to why Rosie would leave, Dominic had thought he was being a good husband He d provided for his wife by working hard, ensuring that their weekly session of sex had kept her satisfied, so what had he missed Unfortunately along the way they had forgotten the basic fundamentals communication and affection Now doubt and discontentment clouds their love You really thought I wouldn t take a chance any chance to get you back His voice roughened Fuck, Rosie You can t be serious With the help of a hippie, weed smoking marriage counsellor, he puts them back on course A new path in reconnecting and rediscovering why they actually fell in love in the first place I will say that these sessions were the highlight for me Oh lord the feels and laughs and I appreciated the time and effort it took for these two find their way back to each other Tessa Bailey created this amazing couple who were relatable, flawed like so many of us, yet pure in their love It was a lovely reminder that there s always hope ARC provided by Netgalley in exchange for my honest opinion. 5 STARS I m crying from happiness this is the best sigh All the feelings with this one, my new favorite from Tessa Bailey Tessa takes the reader to an emotional and intense roller coaster Rosie and Dominic s relationship is not perfect , they have issues I loved how Rosie and Dominic trying to fix their marriage.They have some super hot,sexy,funny,sweet and emotional moments.Both characters felt realistic and their problems too.I felt so connected with them Overall,this is one of the best books I read this year A second chance romance that portrays characters that fall in love once again with their soul mate, alongside finding yourself as a whole without each other If you have been following my reviews for a while, you all bet your sweet cheeks that you know that my obsession for Tessa Bailey is kind of a concerning matter Ever since I sat with her in August at a book signing that we both attended, I have been patiently waiting for her next release I wish I could easily get inside her head and read of her masterpiece writings because there is no denying that this obsession keeps growing and growing every time she writes a new novel Now, if I am honest I was not really hyped about this book because of the story plot An already married couple who have marriage issues Hmmmm, I had to stop and process whether I really wanted to risk liking it or not But hey, I should not be surprised because I popped my MM cherry this year as well when reading Heat Stroke, and this beauty has landed its place in my favorites list Dominic and Rosie have this special place in my heart now because of the second journey that they both go throw and learn about each other, things that through out the past ten years they both missed about each other Most of the romance novels that I have read involving married couples, usually basis on the emotional and physical conflict they have together through out the years of their marriage Though Dominic and Rosie have that semi emotional conflict happening through out this novel, the physical connection is one that one hundred and fifty percent is not missing Dominic s possessive alpha male of a character, is one that had me drooling for a papi like him for myself After crying for the whole process of the novel because yet again, this is an emotional novel that totally dragged my dark soul into falling in love with Rosie and Dominic, I learned that Tessa can write basically ANYTHING and I will bow down to the novel, to the story, and to her Because she is not only a goddess of the romance genre, but she is also genuinely a sweet heart You will not regret reading this novel, and after coming across the character that Bethany will be ending up with AND MY GOSH I AM SO READY It will be based on my favorite romance trope ARC galley kindly provided by Avon and Tessa in exchange for an honest reviewFollow Me On Instagram Facebook Twitter Fix Her Up pretty much blew up in the book community earlier this year I loved the adorable fake dating romance and was excited to read a second chance romance from another couple in the series Right off the bat, Dominic is an interesting character that I know some readers won t like He s your angry, silent, brooding hero who takes care of his woman Very caveman like ideas about relationships While some may find that problematic, I didn t mind Dominic at all, especially because he learned how to communicate with Rosie throughout this book It s pretty clear that their issue in their failing marriage is lack of communication, which continues on throughout the entire book If your pet peeve in books is miscommunication, you ll definitely be annoyed in this book Especially at the end If the couple just TALKS TO EACH OTHER, so much of the conflict could have been avoided That being said, though, their miscommunication was actually believable and I enjoyed how they went to a counselor and talked through their problems If you guys thought book one was hot, you are in for another treat Rosie and Dominic have SUCH INTENSE CHEMISTRY and that is definitely an important part of their relationship They are forced into celibacy by their counselor, which makes their chemistry that much intense and smoldering.Overall, this was a fun book about a couple trying to learn how to be together again I also loved how important the side characters are to the story and how the next book is set up SO WELL I am already dying for the third book and can t wait to read about Bethany and Wes