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BOOK Î Long Distance Lover â World class sprinter Jacqueline Maxwell doesn t have time for romance But when an injury and a doping scandal nearly destroy her career, she turns to the one man who can clear her of the charges her former coach who is the only man she s ever loved Something is missing in the story It was a good story and l liked the ending More information should have been provided as too why Stephanie committed suicide. I really thought this novel read like a young adult novel even though the main character is almost 30 This is the story of an athlete, her coach, her injury, and her doctor Kelly was so juvenile and totally dependent on her coach David due to the fact that he held her secrets Clearly David is smitten but his actions with her rival let you know it s really not all about Kelly Story was a slight snooze and the description is not quite accurate Excellent writing Nice couple and compelling story I think Ms Hill handled the eating disorder and dyslexia angles skillfully without being preachy.