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KINDLE ô Local Coloring à Five New Mexico based creative writers, each composed a short, image rich story for this coloring book These colorful stories use a variety of styles and cultural references, both local and universal Jamie Figueroa and Lily Hoang bring us fantastical images of giants and monsters Nasario Garcia pulls us into old time small town Norteno fiestas and dark back roads imbued with mystery and magic Joe Hayes shoots us to the stars and back with a coyote tale, and Melody Sumner Carnahan spins us in circles while reminding us to keep breathing with a dizzying array of imagery When the stories were complete, we invited artists, known to make coloring book style line drawing illustrations based on the stories Artists who contributed their drawings to this book Joshua Atlas, Jamison Chas Banks, Rita Bard, Jeff Benham, Crockett Bodelson, Victoria Carlson, Susan Case, Hye Coh, Matthew Chase Daniel, Lisa de St Croix, Erin Currier, Donelli J DiMaria, Clare Dunne, Alexandra Eldridge, Joerael Julian Elliott, Betsy Emil, Andrew Fearnside, Brian Fleetwood, Lisa Flynn, Jason Garcia, Miranda Gray, Holly Grimm, Linda Guenste, Hans Harland Hue, Nicola Heindl Watson, Sienna Heinemann, Yubi Kim, Shakti Kroopkin, Celeste LaForme, Mary Lawler, Katherine Lee, David Leigh, Israel Haros Lopez, Nina Mastrangelo, Abby Mattison, Kathleen McCloud, Daniel McCoy, Mary Moegenburg, Sabra Moore, Eliza Naranjo Morse, Aidan Mott, Matthew Mullins, Joel Nakamura, Arlene Ory, Larry Bob Phillips, Mikey Rae, Janet Stein Romero, William Rotsaert, Iren Schio, Rose Simpson, Mark Spencer, Rick Stevens, Laurinda Stockwell, Dianne Stromberg, Linda Swanson, Tricia Tusa, Linda Vi Vona, Erika Wanenmacher, Tracy Cook Wein, Jerry Wellman, Raina Wellman, Gwen Wells, Anastasio Wrobel, Aaron Yazzie, Francesca Yorke, Debby Young, Bette Yozell Feel free to grab your crayons or markers and color in between the lines Or just turn the pages and enjoy the stories and drawings all sprung forth from the imaginations of our colorful local artists