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Different than his usual styleAt times the book was confusing about whether the main character would ever tell the truth , but some of the characters were not thoroughly wound up as to their purpose In the plot and there needed to bedetails in the wind up of the story. Part 2Amazing finale of the 2 part Alexia Lindale series Plausible twists and turns galore kept me guessing and in suspense Tragedy, mercy, justice, moral and ethical quandaries, life and death, faithful pets, and other true to life episodes make these two books an engaging and inspiring read Be sure to tread them in correct order. @READ DOWNLOAD ô Life Everlasting º Darkness loomed, but the music and the flickering light persisted Then grew strongerThe music stopped, the room emptied, and Baxter Richardson opened his eyes for the first time in months He should have died from his involuntary plunge off a cliff But he s alive, and mortal danger remains Familiar enemies stalk him New ones hover close at handMeanwhile, haunted by accusing apparitions and the tightening dragnet of criminal investigation, Baxter s wife, Rena, is losing her patience And quite possibly her mindCaught in the middle of it all is Alexia Lindale, a lawyer forced to find her way through deceptive alliances, uncertain romances, and courtroom intrigue It s a struggle of life and death and life everlasting Baxter knows the truth butWill everyone else ever know what really happened as Baxter clings onto life one breath away from dying Rena s web of deceit grows bigger and bigger, but will good triumph over evilBe prepared for a lot of suspense and some tears, so don t forget the tissues.Make sure to read Life Support first to get the impact of what happens as the story continues Good read.Didn t like this book as well as the first, but still a very good read Moved quickly and held my interest Just felt everything tried to end at the very end and so was rushed and rather cramped in. FANTASTIC The two book series get my interest piqued until the very last words Mr Whitlow proves once again his talent in the books I have read he keeps me on the edge of my seat until the very end proves once again his Great Music Love Love Love this series Wish there was a 3rd, as some things went unanswered Love the Spiritual overtone, finding God in unusual places.Truly shows the beings of a habitual liar Rena The ending of book one was enough to interest me in this book Both books have moments of plots that i liked, but overall it was less than captivating Had it on the plane to Ireland and was tired of it within an hour. In my review of the first book, I said that Alexia Lindale was my literary crushand this book made me feel the same way. Life Support should be read first in order to get the full effect of Life Everlasting Life Support is a picture of the natural man who lives without God Life Everlasting is a picture of the spiritual man who has trusted in Jesus Christ for salvation I really enjoyed reading volume 2 better than volume 1.