!Read Book Õ Learning ACT: An Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Skills-Training Manual for Therapists õ eBook or Kindle ePUB free

!Read Book è Learning ACT: An Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Skills-Training Manual for Therapists ß The groundswell of interest in acceptance and commitment therapy ACT is among the most remarkable developments in contemporary psychotherapy Whether you are new to the profession or an experienced clinician with an established career, seeking to incorporate ACT work into your practice, this book is an essential resource ACT is both a unique approach and somewhat counterintuitive in its methods Learning to do ACT well requires practice, patience, and good information This book is a major contribution to ACT professional literature a comprehensive, activity based workbook that will help you understand and take advantage of ACT s unique six process model, both as a tool for diagnosis and case conceptualization and as a basis for structuring treatments for clients Learning ACT begins with an overview of the ACT model, outlining its theoretical and philosophical underpinnings Next you will learn how to understand and make use of the six core ACT processes In later chapters, you ll be introduced to the ACT approach to establishing an effective and powerful therapeutic relationship and learn to conceptualize cases from an ACT perspective Throughout these chapters are numerous exercises to help you apply what you are learning in order to process the material at a deeper levelUnique to this volume is a DVD that includes role played examples of the core ACT processes in action Use this helpful addition to bring to life the concepts developed in the text An invaluable aid to serious ACT study, the DVD can be reviewed often as you gain facility with the model Extremely in depth training manual, including DVD with excerpts of counselling sessions Useful if you have oodles of time to spend on learning this therapy in depth. O carte recomandata pentru a dobandi abilitatile necesare in practica terapiei ACT Plina de exercitii si exemple edificatoare. While this book is aimed at its core market of clinical psychologists, it is actually of immense value to anyone looking to understand the human condition better, and to learn some tools for living better.Highly recommended to everyone. A fantastic and thorough training manual.