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(((READ EBOOK))) ↠ Korean Cinema from Origins to Renaissance ☛ Korean cinema is already than a century old As with the film histories of other countries, Korean film history has always been closely linked to the formation of modern societyThus, Korean film history must be part of the same social and historical foundation that modern society is based on In Korea, films were only an exotic spectacle when first introducedThen, when Korean filmmakers had just started making films, they had to go through severe censorship during the colonial period and various military governmentsIt has not been an easy journey for Korean cinema to grow into a world renowned success story It had to survive many external and internal threats and moments of crisis It is natural that many people are eager to know how the domestic film market share soared from a mereper cent into per cent in , the box office quadrupled over one decade, and such diverse films are made The key to success has been creativity and powerful content, supported by the greatest accomplishment of the Korean film industry the abolition of restrictions and censorship There is also the common experience of national division and the history of dictatorship Some foreign film professionals ask me what policy was required to achieve Korea s success I always give them the same answer if there is any restriction, abolishing it is a prerequisite, as freedom of expression is effective than any other support The history of the Korean cinema itself proves this STYLE GUIDE PREFACE Four Variations on Korean Genre Film Tears, Screams, Violence and LaughterThe Exhibition of Moving Pictures and the Advent of Korean CinemaThe Genealogy of Shinpa Melodramas in Korean Cinema The Japanese Colonial Period, Heyday of Silent Films The Debates around Realism in the Korean CinemaThe Sound Film and Militarism Freedom of Speech and Cinema The History of Korean Film CensorshipLiberation and the Korean War Changes in the Korean Star SystemThe Revival of the Film Industry Korean Women DirectorsThe Korean Cinema Renaissance and Genre Films The Authoritarian Period and a Depression in tihe Film IndustryDepression in the Film Industry Images of Women in Korean moviesThe New Military Regime s Rule over Culture and the Advent of the New Film Culture National Cinema Who Is It For The History and Context of the Korean CinemaThe New Korean Cinema Movement A History of Korean Film PoliciesThe Growth and Outlook of the Korean CinemaPresent Trends in the Structure of the Korean Film Indestury BIBLIOGRAPHY INDEX