#Free Book ß Killer Cat: A Prison Journal á eBook or E-pub free

#Free Book à Killer Cat: A Prison Journal ⚢ Killer Cat is a cynical satire entering the mind of a housecat The cat Poofna believes herself to be imprisoned by her humans two leg no brains During her captivity, Poofna keeps a journal of her experiences, killing nature and escape attempts Be prepared to laugh as Poofna elaborates on her feelings and adventures while serving her time within the prison I loved this The thought of a cat keeping a journal about their imprisonment is very entertaining to me The cat it this e book Which never gave a name reminded me of my cat A lot of what the cat did in the book is what my cat does nearly on a daily bases I know she was always trying to kill me, now I have proof To anyone that thinks their cat is trying to kill you this book will prove that they are. HmmI sincerely hope that my cats don t think of me this way Also, the author had a few typos that should have been fixed It was kind of a funny story, though.