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Took a long time to read and sometimes tedious but interesting. {DOWNLOAD PDF} õ Kentucky Women: Their Lives and Times ¸ Kentucky Women Their Lives and Times introduces a history as dynamic and diverse as Kentucky itself Covering the Appalachian region in the east to the Pennyroyal in the west, the essays highlight women whose aspirations, innovations, activism, and creativity illustrate Kentucky s role in political and social reform, education, health care, the arts, and cultural development The collection features women with well known names as well as those whose lives and work deserve greater attention Shawnee chief Nonhelema Hokolesqua, western Kentucky slave Matilda Lewis Threlkeld, the sisters Emilie Todd Helm and Mary Todd Lincoln, reformers Madeline Mc Dowell Breckinridge and Laura Clay, activists Anne McCarty Braden and Elizabeth Fouse, politicians Georgia Davis Powers and Martha Layne Collins, sculptor Enid Yandell, writer Harriette Simpson Arnow, and entrepreneur Nancy Newsom Mahaffey are covered in Kentucky Women, representing a broad cross section of those who forged Kentucky s relationship with the American South and the nation at large With essays on frontier life, gender inequality in marriage and divorce, medical advances, family strife, racial challenges and triumphs, widowhood, agrarian culture, urban experiences, educational theory and fieldwork, visual art, literature, and fame, the contributors have shaped a history of Kentucky that is both grounded and groundbreakingContributors Lindsey Apple on Madeline McDowell Breckinridge Martha Billips on Harriette Simpson Arnow James Duane Bolin on Linda Neville Sarah Case on Katherine Pettit and May Stone Juilee Decker on Enid Yandell Carolyn R Dupont on Georgia Montgomery Davis Powers Angela Esco Elder on Emilie Todd Helm and Mary Todd Lincoln Catherine Fosl on Anne Pogue McGinty and Anne McCarty Braden Craig Thompson Friend on Nonhelema Hokolesqua, Jemima Boone Callaway, and Matilda Lewis Threlkeld Melanie Beals Goan on Mary Breckinridge John Paul Hill on Martha Layne Collins Anya Jabour on Sophonisba Preston Breckinridge William Kuby on Mary Jane Warfield Clay Karen Cotton McDaniel on Elizabeth Lizzie Fouse Melissa A McEuen on Nancy Newsom Mahaffey Mary Jane Smith on Laura Clay Andrea S Watkins on Josie Underwood and Frances Dallam Peter