(((EBOOK))) ☙ Julia 1.0 Programming Cookbook: Over 100 numerical and distributed computing recipes for your daily data science workflow ↜ PDF eBook or Kindle ePUB free

(((EBOOK))) ↡ Julia 1.0 Programming Cookbook: Over 100 numerical and distributed computing recipes for your daily data science workflow ☔ Discover the new features and widely used packages in Julia to solve complex computational problems in your statistical applicationsKey Features Address the core problems of programming in Julia with the most popular packages for common tasks Tackle issues while working with Databases and Parallel data processing with Julia Explore advanced features such as metaprogramming, functional programming, and user defined types Book Description Julia programming language with its dynamic nature and high performance provides comparatively minimum time for development of computational models with easy to maintain computational code JuliaProgramming Cookbook will be your solution based guide as it will take you through different programming aspects with JuliaStarting with the new features of Julia , each recipe addresses a specific problem, with a discussion that explains the solution and offers insight into how it works You will work with the powerful Julia tools and data structures along with the most popular Julia packages You will learn to create vectors, handle variables, and work with functions You will be introduced with various recipes for numerical computing, distributed computing and achieving high performance You ll see how to optimize data science programs with parallel computing and memory allocation Moving forward, we will look into advanced concepts such as Metaprogramming and Functional Programming Finally, you will learn to tackle issues while working with Databases and Data processing and will learn recipes on data science problems, data modeling, data analysis, data manipulation, parallel processing, cloud computing with JuliaBy the end of the book, you will acquire the skills to work effectively with your data What you will learn Boost the code performance using Julia s unique features Organize data in fundamental types of collections arrays, dictionaries Organize data science process within Julia and solve related problems Scale Julia computations with cloud computing Write data to IO streams with Julia and to handle web transfer How to define own immutable and mutable types Speed up the development process using metaprogramming Who This Book Is For This book is for developers who would like to enhance their Julia programming skills and would like to get some quick solutions to their common programming problems Basic Julia programming knowledge is assumed