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!EPUB ☧ Journeys to the Heart of Baltimore ☳ In Journeys to the Heart of Balti, veteran journalist Michael Olesker writes of the American melting pot particularly Balti s in all its rollicking, sentimental, good natured, and chaotic essence The stories come from neighborhood street corners and front stoops, playgrounds and school rooms, churches and synagogues, and families gathered around late night kitchen tables Think of this as a love letter across the generations, Olesker writes The D Alesandro political dynasty comes to life here, and so do the legendary Balti Colts Lenny Moore and Artie Donovan The old East Balti ethnic enclaves nurture youngsters named Barbara Mikulski and Ted Venetoulis, and out of West Balti comes the future Afro American newspaper publisher Jake Oliver Journeys to the Heart of Balti is a delightful reminder of the nation s ethnic and racial mosaic, where a future mayor named Martin O Malley and a future Balti County executive named Dutch Ruppersberger first learn about the melting pot Boys from Balti s Little Italy, like John Pica, go off to fight a war in Italy when they know their allegiance is being tested And a city struggles through racial convulsions, remembered by those such as John Steadman and Father Constantine Sitaris We overlap or what s the point of America Olesker writes We compromise, we shed the garments of the past But we simultaneously strain to hold onto yesterdays It is the hunger of memory.