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@READ PDF Ó Jodie's Bare Bottom Dissertation æ Attractiveyear old heiress, Jodie Browning, is an associate professor, and as part of her research towards a PhD, she visits the headmaster at the strict Dunbar Reformatory where she is talked into enrolling as an inmate in order to gain first hand experience Her humiliation soon begins when she is forced to swap her stylish clothes for school uniform, and it s not long before she finds herself touching her toes for six of the best from the headmaster s swishy cane, followed by corner time Further humiliation follows when she is examined naked by Matron, then given another spanking It soon becomes clear to Jodie that she is being treated exactly like the other genuine reformatory delinquentsMatters deteriorate further when her bitchyyear old stepmother arrives, accompanied by a would be suitor who she had previously rejected They both see her naked and sporting the recently inflicted stripes of the cane Jodie is horrified when she learns of her stepmother s schemes to get rid of Jodie s father and to have Jodie committed to the reformatory indefinitely Realising she must act quickly in order to save her father, Jodie plans to escape but is caught and scheduled for punishment night when she will be totally humiliated, secured to a leather padded bench on stage and strapped in front of a large audience including her stepmother, rejected would be suitor and several male students she had flunked out of her classes She pleads her case to the headmaster, but will she be believed