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This is an excellent book by W.R Benton He is accurate in his portrayal of historic facts and educates as well as entertains This book is full of adventure for the scout, with Indians he knows, Indians he fears and Indians he respects Also there is a renegade Indian group, a white gun runner supplying the Indians with repeating rifles There is blood, sweat and tears throughout the book You will enjoy James McKay U.S Army Scout, I guarantee it A good novel and I recommend this book to everyone. Great storylineThis book is another great read by Benton The book needs better editing At one point it refers to Betty as Sally and another time it refers to Eagle as Bear Charging It can be confusing, but even so the book is well worth the money and time. Excellent read, thoroughly enjoyed this book. {DOWNLOAD BOOK} ì James McKay, U.S. Army Scout Ý After the Civil WarHaving survived four long bloody years of slaughter and horrors, Ex Confederate Colonel James McKay stakes his hopes on finding a new beginning in the west, but instead finds violence and death Desperate for a new livelihood, he accepts a scout position for the US Army who aim to capture gunrunners selling surplus Civil War repeating rifles to the marauding SiouxBy accident, McKay stumbles onto a dangerous plot involving stolen Gatling guns and renegade tribes The thrilling search is on for a slippery gunrunner by the name of Wild Bill McKay is hot on his trail, joining forces with Ezekiel, an old but ornery mountain man with a score to settleSaddle up, WR Benton gives us another fast paced, and action packed tale of the old west James McKay, US Army Scout, is a book about honor James McKay out Virginians the Virginian with his actions James Drury, The Virginian