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More like a glorified tourist guide than an actual language learning method. #DOWNLOAD EBOOK à Italian for Dummies ½ As society becomes international in nature, knowing a few words in other languages has become useful Perhaps you travel frequently abroad, or your business requires you to travel overseas Perhaps you have friends and neighbors who speak other languages, or you want to find out about your heritage by learning a little bit of the language your ancestors spokeWhatever your reason for wanting to learn some Italian, Italian For Dummies is the right book for you Written in partnership with Berlitz experts in helping people learn foreign languages this book gives you the skills you need for basic communication in Italian, and it will get you well on your way to becoming fluent Just think what you re family and friends will think when you order off the menu at your favorite Italian restaurant Italian For Dummies covers not only ordering at an Italian restaurant, but also these topics Basic spelling, grammar, and numbersMeeting and greeting, and making small talkShopping, shopping, and even shoppingGoing out on the townBusiness situationsTraveling, checking into a hotel, and planning a tripHandling emergenciesTop Ten lists with advice on how to pick up Italian quickly, things you should never say in Italian, and favorite Italian expressionsThe best thing about this book is that you can learn at your own pace for example, if you re planning a trip to Italy next year, sit down once or twice a week with this book and go through the chapters that you ll think you need for your trip That s a lot easier than dragging yourself to a class twice a week not to mention a lot fun, too An informative book that s easy to read I especially like the chapter with the ten things you shouldn t say in Italian and the ten things you should say if you want to soundItalian. this book s awesome only, i m thicker It was certainly helpful to listen to but there s stuff you ll want to skip if you re not a student andstuff you ll wish they went over for your particular needs But a good start. Don t plan on this book teaching you Italian, but it is good review to help support your other methods of learning the language. 6 10 trying to learn Italian so I can communicate with my baby Unless you want to read a dictionary, dont bother with this one There are much better audio programs out there.The book is actually useful, but listening to the CDs is painful.