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I would not recommend the book I like Jim Rogers as an investor I think he has a keen insight into the World economy and the art of investing I Google his investment views often This book is a travelogue, not an investment book I was fully expecting this and I was excited Ridingthan 60,000 miles on motorcycles across Jim Rogers, famous investor, expartner of George Soros, retired at 37 and decided to travel the world with his BWM and girlfriend This book is a travel diary and is full of comments on the countries that he visits Those comments are not sophisticated and follow the same framework of thinking Rogers explains that revolutions emerge no because of oppressed people, but from people with unrealized expectations Provides a good analysis of communism failure no accountability, no responsibility, n Jim Rogers, famous investor, expartner of George Soros, retired at 37 and decided When Jim Rogers was a kid growing up in small town Alabama, he had a dream to one day get richer than God and ride around the world on a motorcycle with a hot blonde half his age He was a strange kid and, let s be honest, pretty unoriginal Regardless, Jim Rogers accomplished that dream and wrote an interesting, informative book about it I d almost call it lovely, but if Good, but not great book Jim s story is a fascinating one but I think it could have been written better and highlightedof the excitement Like and respect Mr Rogers, but this one was a bit of a slog Since this is an older book, it s fun to see which of Jim s predictions came true. [ FREE PDF ] ♃ Investment Biker ♴ Legendary Investor Jim Rogers Gives Us His View Of The World On A Twenty Two Month, Fifty Two Country Motorcycle Odyssey In His Bestselling Business Adventure Book, Investment Biker, Which Has Already Sold Than , CopiesBefore You Invest Another Dollar Anywhere In The World Including The United States , Read This Book By The Man Time Magazine Calls The Indiana Jones Of Finance Jim Rogers Became A Wall Street Legend When He Co Founded The Quantum Fund Investment Biker Is The Fascinating Story Of Rogers S Global Motorcycle Journey Investing Trip, With Hardheaded Advice On The Current State And Future Direction Of International Economies That Will Guide And Inspire Investors Interested In Foreign Markets 4 Stars The book Investment Biker is a treasure chest for every reasonable investor andso for everyone interested in contemporary history His investor s view on history is refreshing it is free of ideology, free of guilt, and free of politics He wants to make money thus, he cannot afford to get caught by beliefs and narratives He gauges the reality Disappointing read I read it a while ago and was very much looking forward to it based on Jim Rogers legendary status in the markets However, this book, for me, really couldn t decide what its purpose was Was it a personal account of Jim s travels Was it investement focused Billionaire business partner of George Soros travels the world on a motorcycle and reports his observations.Very insightful into how economics is viewed by captains of industry They really have no interest in a This book was positively agonizing Rogers, a Rhodes Scholar and well known, outspoken investment guru, writes with the gusto and inspiration of a 4th grader, and his emotionless rendering of his relationship with the love interest of the story is as dynamic and vivid as a stal In the early 90s investor Jim Rogers and his girlfriend motorcycled across the world This book is part travelogue, part history lesson, part economics lesson, and part basic investment strategy I knew Rogers was of a libertarian bent, but I didn t realize to what degree As he tr