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[[ Free Book ]] ↚ Investing with Volume Analysis: Identify, Follow, and Profit from Trends ⇬ Technical Analyst sBook of the Year and Trader Planet s st Place STAR Award In the continual pursuit for higher profits investors and traders alike often assume significantly higher risks while chasing the next hot opportunity Other sophisticated investors attempt to employ complicated indicators while not fully understanding the information the indicator was designed to reveal On the other hand, savvy investors employ analysis to gauge the market, positioning themselves to potentially earn higher profits with significantly less risk Volume analysis attempts to delve deep inside the market trends to help identify shifts within the markets Investingwith Volume Analysis s presents an enlightened perspective on the role of volume, not only in pragmatic terms but also in terms of apprehending the underlying rationale of how and why Award winning technical analyst Buff Pelz Dormeier teaches state of the art methods for analyzing the relationship of volume to price movements and the evolution of market trends Writing in clear, accessible language that all investors can understand and apply, Dormeier demonstrates how to Accurately analyze the four R s of Volume Responsiveness, Reliability, Risk, and Returns Gain clarity and actionable information from index volume data Distinguish between retail and institutional activities, and invest accordingly Minimize the impact of poor investment decisions Avoid costly mistakes beginning technical analysts often incur Understand how recent regulatory changes are impacting market behavior Use new money management tools to help reduce risk and avoid market whipsaws Volume analysis may be one of the best, most well proven forms of technical analysis Investingwith Volume Analysis doesn t just introduce this powerful technique It explains how investors at all levels may utilize it successfully