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This is a pretty good textbook It presents issues relating to international organizations and then provides multiple perspectives from different traditions of international relations such as realism, constructivism, and feminism. Great essays Very informative even though it was published in 2002 You can still use this as a guide to how situations in global governance have gone awry Very informative. .DOWNLOAD ⚖ International Organizations: Perspectives on Governance in the Twenty-First Century ♺ This book provides critical interpretations of international organizations from the perspectives of Marxism, Feminism, Realism, and Liberalism Using case studies of current crises and events ranging the from Arab and Islamic organizations to the Palestinian uprising to the engineering of Genetically Modified Foods, it is a timely study of how organizations shape and influence world views Using the perspectives from four approaches, Realism, Liberalism, Marxism, and Feminism, this book uses case studies to illustrate the importance of international organizations and their effect on the world Topics are reflected by the case studies presented International Security and the Persian Gulf Crisis and Srebrenica Regional Security and NATO and the Arab League Multinational Corporations and the US Clean Air Act and Genetically Modified Foods, Development and the Mexican Peso Crisis and the Indonesian Crisis the Environment and Global Warming and Whaling Human Rights and Yugoslavia and Rwanda For workers in corporations with worldwide interests and for those employed by international organizations