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The NHS has had a long and illustrious life, some of the pioneering medical treatments of the last 6o years have been carried out by the NHS. In 1954 the link between cancer and smoking was established, in 1960 the UK’s first kidney transplant took place, in 1968 Britain’s first heart transplant was carried out.

As you can see the NHS created a lot of firsts in medicine and treatment. It’s sad now to see it criticised so much after giving so much to us as a nation, the lives saved is immeasurable, and the suffering eased much praised. Now we seem to be kicking it whilst it’s down with ever more stories emerging about substandard inadequate care.

Whilst the politicians and government bodies continue to lock horns with those opposing the reforms, what can we do to help ourselves? Certainly a proactive thing we can do would be to investigate individual health insurance, unthought-of maybe a few years ago. There are more and more companies offering this kind of insurance and whilst they could be preying on our fears there is no doubting the validity of having something in place.

Are private health insurance companies preying on our fears?

Individual Health Insurance

Patient being examined by doctor

There are many different individual health insurance plans and you do need to investigate them to make sure you get what you need. For instance if you would be happy to have an NHS diagnosis, you can opt for a plan that just provides private hospital treatment and a private consultant.


The more comprehensive packages available cover pretty much everything, and they can be tailored with extras, even down to having private ambulance transport. The more comprehensive policies will place no financial limit on treatments, so even the most up to date cancer treatments that are very expensive, would be provided as part of these kind of packages.

The NHS is going through massive changes, with often those that work for them confused by what is and isn’t happening. Don’t get caught up in this confusion, put individual health insurance in place for all of those you love and care for.

Individual health cover is available for almost anything.

Buying peace of mind.

Health insurance is a way of buying peace of mind that you will get prompt treatment for an illness without the worry of waiting lists and certain drugs and treatments not being available.

It may seem a step too far having to pay for our own medical treatments but the alternative could be even harder to contemplate if speedy treatment isn’t available.