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I really enjoyed this book The story was compelling and the characters felt real especially Phee There were definitely some dark themes of survival mixed in, but it worked with the post apocalyptic atmosphere Overall, a solid read. [[ Free E-pub ]] ⇷ Incineration (Incineration Series #1) ⇨ Incineration is an exhilarating story about a post outbreak, future society Running water and electricity are a thing of the past The streets of New York are lined with deteriorating cars and the bones of bodies long decayed The main character, Phee, was just ten when everyone died The handful of survivors left, are completely altered by the Avian Rodentia virus, leaving behind an unhinged and violent society Phee herself has been scarred, unable to handle any touch from another human Tired of barely living life and succumbing to invasive assaults, Phee leaves the mild safety of her group behind in search of a better life In her pursuit, death nearly finds her before a group of men intervene Their intentions seem well, but can she trust the men that seem to be helping her Everything in Phee s life becomes questionable She doesn t know who to trust or if she can open her heart to love She doesn t know who to fight for when traitors emerge When her new life is threatened with Phee at the center of it all, will she survive in one piece, or will she burn from the inside out Incineration book 1 I loved this book, it has polarizing characters with an evenpolarizing storyline A must read for dystopian lovers Minor editing errors A post apocalyptic story with a YA feel The main heroine suffers traumatic abuse warning for anyone who has trouble dealing with rape but ends up being a bad ass fighter in the end I enjoyed the story and would recommend it to anyone who likes these kinds of stories I m just not sure I m interested enough to read the next book.