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[ Download E-pub ] ♶ In Living Color ☪ Who Hasn T Wondered About Heaven We All Have Our Ideas About The Afterlife, But There Is Still So Much Unknown About The Kingdom Of Heaven That Is At Hand In His Warm, Insightful, And Well Illustrated Style, Paul Meier Offers A Compelling Vision Of The Kingdom Of Heaven Giving Special Attention To The Language Jesus Spoke Aramaic, He Winds His Way Through The Scriptures, Revealing How Heavenly And Earthly, Divine And Human, The Kingdom Of Heaven Really Is It Is A Thorough, Insightful, Scholarly, But Warm Treatment Of The Topic Religious Conventions Will Be Challenged, And So Will Your Heart Glenn Hager, Author Of An Irreligious Faith Communitas Books As A Student Of The Scriptures And One Who Has Preached Many Times On The Texts Paul Meier Explores, I Had Aha Moments That I Could Count While Reading His Book I Especially Appreciate The Way Meier Often Returns To The Aramaic Source, Particularly When Considering The Sayings Of Jesus Himself All That Being Said, This Scholarly Work Is Highly Accessible To Non Scholarly Readers, Too I Highly Recommend It To Anyone Who Wants To Know What Jesus Really Had To Say About Heaven You Will Be Surprised Rev Nancy Kraft, PhD, Religion And Education, And Lutheran Pastor Reading This Book Will Challenge You To Leave Your Childhood Sunday School Mis Understandings About Heaven Behind And Grow Up In Living Color Heaven Is A Very Important Work, One Which Has The Potential To Transform Your Ways Of Thinking About The Bible, Jesus S Teachings, The Nature Of God And Heaven, And The Meaning Of Spirituality Itself And The Best Part Is As Paul Says , There S No Magic Needed Just Compassion If You Can Read The Section On The Parable Of The Mustard Seed And Not Undergo A Soul Shaking Epiphany Of The Heart, A New And Joyful, Filled With Hope Reconsideration Of The Traditional Christian Idea Of Heaven And An Appreciation Of The Possibilities Of Living A Truly Spiritual Life, You May Officially Consider Your Mind Closed And Your Spiritual Arteries Sclerotic This Is A Profound, Potentially Life Changing Collection Of Ideas Paul Is A Masterful Teacher Whose Voice Is At Once Wry, Humorous, Witty, Irreverent, Bold, And Than A Little Confrontational But In A Very Gentle, Very Necessary Way Paul S Style Is Very Writerly Not Preacherly Or Sermonly One That Allows A Great Depth Of Scholarship To Show Through, Without Sounding Academic Frank W Kresen Proof Positive Kansas City, Missouri