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(Free E-pub) í In For A Penny... 5 Hot CD Stories ⚦ Five hot and naughty tales of cross dressing, sex, and love An Afternoon of DelightNick loves cross dressing and takes special care when slipping on a bridesmaids dress he s found at his friend s house Once transformed he finds he s willing to do things with his friend he d never have considered before , words A Smooth TransformationLaura gets her boyfriend Jason to remove his body hair so she can stroke his smooth skin, and so he looks good when he wears her dress Initially dubious, but horny, Jason discovers he enjoys the transformation much than he expected , words A Valentine s SurpriseSally has a special night planned for her boyfriend George, who has become very insensitive after falling in with the wrong crowd First up is a slow transformation from boring office worker in to a sexy young woman When Sally s satisfied with his looks, their evening proper can begin, with lots of kissing and stroking, some light bondage, and lots of sex from an angle George didn t expect , words The Unwelcome VisitorDaniel is looking forward to a night in with his wife Maria when her boss turns up out of the blue When they finally get together, he hasn t realised Maria has been planning a special evening, and it involves Daniel being tied to the bed in her little black dress, while she and Jack get to enjoy themselves , words A Night Out With CarlaSteve promises his girlfriend Carla that he ll do whatever she wants for her birthday, then finds out Carla wants to go out to a nightclub, with him as a girl Steve tries to keep his secret safe while Carla is interested in them being picked up by some handsome boys and going back to their place for some extra fun , words Five stories, five transformations, five lots of sexy fun