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~Pdf ⚓ Ice in My Veins ♫ When ayear old, small town girl, Christine Matthews, from Dryden, Michigan gets a shot at playing semi professional hockey on a boys hockey team she jumps at the opportunityFollow her ups and downs as she tackles some of lives hardships, surprises, and victories as she reaches out to catch her dreams Journey with her as she struggles through some of life's tough situations, as well as love and lossHer story is inspirational to people every where who feel their dreams are unreachable Christine wants one thing in her life, hockey Nothing would ever mean to her than that She had worked so hard for it without the support of her friends and family When she meets Alex her world starts to change Why was she so enticed by this boy She had to stop thinking about how gorgeous he was He would be running for the exits as soon as he found out what she was doing there She noticed that her palms were starting to sweat, she wiped them on her jeans, before he noticed She wanted to hate him She couldn't have these type of distractions around her She needed to be focused on the prizeThen there was Moose What would she do without him? This couldn't be happening right now, not to her She still had her stalker to deal with The hatred he had for her, in those deep black coal eyes Was her life about to spiral out of control? I really loved this book As an ex of an OHL hockey player this book is closer to reality than many people might think When I was dating my boyfriend girls stalked him all the time They stalked me and wrote terrible things about me on the internet hoping he would break up with me As for the group sex it really happens in the hockey world It's part of the sport It's horrible that it happens but that is the main reason my relationship ended I don't know any hockey player in the OHL that hasn't at one time cheated in their relationship Girls send them pictures and videos of themselves doing disgusting things The guys egos are so huge that they feel they can do whatever they want and get away with it It was nice to see that the main character in this story had morals I completely understand her not wanting to rat her teamates out because as a girlfriend of a player I was often put in that position It was hard because my boyfriend told me things in confidence and even if I knew the girl who was being cheated on I felt I couldn't say anything When I found out what really happens on the road with the guys and at their parties that the girlfriends aren't invited to I threw up I couldn't continue my relationship I know a few girls who do play on guy's team and my heart goes out to what they have to go through I think this book is great although some of the chapters could have been explored indetail it was a good read I recommend it. This could have been good This could have been really good.But the grammar and spelling errors were justit was atrocious You can't make it through a paragraph without finding at least one.The tone was that of a juvenile and while the girl is young, it was just too much tell and not enough show and she just came off as an arrogant brat to me The pacing was ridiculously fast for important parts and then agonizingly slow for scenes like Chrissy getting dressed/putting up her hair/etc.And the sexism was pretty high, considering the whole plot is about a girl getting to play in the boys' league.It got really hard to look past the horrendous grammar/spelling/punctuation I hope that the author has someone read over it and a rewrite is done The story is promising, but the execution was butchered. I enjoy reading books by first time novelists There is a first time for everyone and for most they are full of bad reviews For Indie writers and self published authors, it's worse I love reading their novels because it's like breathing new life into a dull market I believe it's the trends that kill me One vampire series does great and a million writers follow hoping for their books or series to hit it big It becomes about the money This novel has not been properly edited That is obvious from the start This original story is refreshing to read I really loved that fact that it was different from anything out there It's also nice to see a young girl who goes after what she wants and doesn't let others get in her way It's the type of young adult book I don't mind that my daughter reads Some of the smut these young girls read today sickens me At least the main character in this novel has principals and not out there competing with other girls to sleep me guys I read one of my daughters novels a while back the name escapes me now but it was basically about two girls who compete to sleep with the most guys in a summer Let's just say we had to have a talk after I read that one Books like Ice in my Veins are enlightening It was a great one day read I read it on the bus going to and from work and it entertained me I can over look the typos and spelling mistakes I make lots of them on a daily basis I love to read and have tried to write in the past and it's just not in the cards for me I commend this first time author for her courage to put herself out there to be critized I feel it's important to support first timers Also it's good to read poorly written books once in a while If you don't then how can you appreciate the masterpieces. I wasn't sure what to make of this book but my friend reads anything and everything and so I borrowed it from her I liked it alot It's different My brother is a hockey player and he also read it when I told him about it He agreed with me It's a very different kind of book with so many truths My brother said what the main character goes through is realistic in the hockey world I love that she's a strong enough character to hold steadfast to her morals and beliefs I think every young girl should read this book I found it very inspiring I felt like I should grab my brother's hockey gear and hit the ice Kind of like after you watch a good movie and you want to get up and do whatever the main charater is doing You feel like you can take over the world It is a girl power book without a doubt.I love the romance between her and her teammate and the friendship she shares with that roomate of hers I don't want to give to much away I just think it's not like many books I have read. I picked up this book because some of the girls I know were discussing it and it sounded interesting and different I wasn't disappointed I debated about what rating to give this book because I would have liked the story to continue on into a second book The story itself was wonderful This is the reason for my 5 star rating I could so relate to the relationship Chrissy has with her family I also feel like the black sheep of my family I find it extremely hard to related to my father like she does Her father is so much like mine it was scary Although the book is written around a female hockey player, hockey is not what the book really brings home I felt with this character as she battled against each brick wall I love that she's such a headstrong girl When the writer talks about the sex going on around Chrissy and how it really bothers her I can totally relate So many girls I know jump when a hot guy says how high I loveeeeeee that she isn't like that She kind of does have ice in her veins because she's so stubborn and headstrong She puts up huge walls around her and almost loses out on love because of these walls She's a smart driven girl who has a sarcastic nature to her You can't help but fall in love with her I think it's a great book. I enjoyed this book I found it to be very inspirational and truthful I liked how the author was realistic about some of the situations a young female hockey player could encounter I also feel that it shows young teens that you don't have to be a follower, you can have things you want by following your own path in life and not worrying about what others think I know the book is geared towards readers 13 to mid 20's I am in my 50's and I really enjoyed this book I think it is a nice read for all, male and female alike I recommend it. I bought this book off a myspace add because the book trailer caught my attention I wasn't expecting much from this first time author but was pleasantly surprised For a first novel I thought it was wonderful The writer makes the main character realistic and inviting I felt along with the main character What a frustrating and trying situation for any young girl to be in It made me look at the world of hockey with new eyes Maybe I will actually watch a game with my husband next time he's watching one. Oh boy Where do I begin? I found the idea for this novel interesting, but it was very poorly written There were grammar and spelling mistakes that are really third grade mistakes, and I don't know whether to put it to being the ebook version or not, but I don't think so There were phrases too, that I couldn't believe were in there! It really was written like someone fresh out of junior high or something First off, the timeline, after her first year with the Gophers, made no sense It was jumping and skipping around, and one of my biggest pet peeves when reading is not being able to wrap my head around the timeline When Chrissy and Alex were broken up, Chrissy said something about them being broken up for almost a year, but the way the book was written, for it to make sense, it really would have only been a few months So if the author really meant a year, then it needed to beclear So Chrissy made it clear in the beginning of the novel that she wanted to focus on hockey, and hockey only So how come every guy she came across (especially the ones on her team) she commented on how goodlooking or cute they were? She even stated that she had never been this way before, but when she got to Toronto that's all she seemed to notice, was how goodlooking guys were I mean, maybe her teenage hormones began to kick in at that exact moment, but it still seemed like a little much As an 18 year old girl, I don't comment THAT much on guys I also get that she was out of the house and living on her own, but her parents just letting her fly off to Aruba for a week with a guy, when she's 17? Pigs would fly before my parents let me do that, and I'm out of the house as well Something else that bothered me was that the last, gosh I don't know, 100 pages or so, nothing happened Literally Nothing It just talked about her career, and maybe one or two things were thrown in there about her and Alex's relationship But other than that, there was nothing going on I don't know how I made it through it, because I almost need something to be constantly happening Also, when I read the synopsis of this novel, it made it seem like the stalker issue was bigger than it actually was He appeared two times before Moose attacked him with a baseball bat (which, by the way, if someone hits someone else in the head with a heavy item such as a BASEBALL BAT, and hits them in said head hard enough for blood to spatter on the wall, I'm pretty sure that that person would fall to the ground unconscious, not be able to climb out a window and travel some distance) and then he was caught by the police, and admitted what he was doing and why he was doing it Come on, throw a littledrama into the mix! Things were described (like her bubble baths) in extreme detail, and then nothing would happen I guess what I'm used to is when something is described in great detail, that something dramatic is about to happen But no It seemed to be described for the hell of it Also, for her complaining about her being a girl playing a guys sport everything seemed to come pretty damn easy to her She got on the CHL, and was accepted by the Gophers fairly easily Once she stood up to the douche bag coach who wouldn't let her play on Team USA because she was a girl, she got on there and everything that way came easy to her Then she was drafted to the NHL like that *snaps fingers* and I don't really remember anyone giving her a hard time There was the coach, and then the stalker dude but both of those things last less than ten pages It gets two stars because it kind of kept my attention, and the story line was interesting enough It was just poorly written. The story is told in first person from the perspective of Christine Matthews a young 16 year old girl trying to make her dreams a reality It's a rare story that combines suspense, desire, love and friendship I found that the main character is extremely compelling If you ever played competative sports you will love this book.