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I saw this at my favorite local watering hole, so I have to check it out &FREE PDF ☄ How To Host A Murder: The Last Train From Paris ⇶ In Episode , you have received an invitation to travel from soon to be occupied Paris aboard the last train leaving the city onJuneTransit Authorization will see you past the military guard The German invasion brings a desperate bid for freedom aboard the departing train, where tragedy is discovered murder Come in costume and assume the role of one of these eight worldly characters Khover T Ageante a mysterious distinguished businessman , Princess Idelle Chattre strong willed, beautiful and said to possess considerable wealth , Malcolm R Conntint well known Parisian socialite , Mary K Trairie charming, witty and zealous , Group Captain Weyland W Awfcorce his squadron of Laklustre Bombers is proving to be a formidable asset to the British Armed Forces , Barbra Z Enhussie spoiled and beautiful daughter of the French perfume king , Duke Schwazhe BU Klare, most eligible bachelor on the Continent , or Belinda Screete charming and vivacious American born owner of a thriving Parisian couture house Imagine your home as a luxurious railway car as you and your guests enjoy hours of suspense and intrigue but mainly humor as you solve the crime over a dinner