@Epub ì How to Get a Great Job: A Library How-To Handbook  eBook or E-pub free

Has some great pointers and is a good way to brush up on your job hunting skills. @Epub ó How to Get a Great Job: A Library How-To Handbook ì In our difficult time, or at any time, knowing how to find a great job is a necessary skill All the resources you need for a successful job search are at your fingertips and completely free at your public library It can be a daunting task, so here is expert advice on how to conduct proper research, build networks of friends and colleagues, put together a great resume, research industries that are constantly changing, prepare for an interview, negotiate a contract or a salary, and This could be the turbo boost your job search needs Not much in here I didn t already know but thought it d be good to bone up on modern library resources since I grew up in the card catalog age Very good tips on resume writing and great links for job searching. This was FAR too basic for my needs However, it would be good for someone just starting their search. This is a great book for someone coming out of college or a person that has never held a job outside the home. I thought this was going to to containinformation I already knew most of what was written in here though it was nice to brush up on a few things This would be a great graduation gift I don t regret buying this book but if I had known what it contained I wouldn t have bought it in the first place. A modern publication talking about some very important parts of your job search I love that it mentions Toronto, Ontario Canada Cute pictures and easy to read text Effective for first time job hunter or one with experience Loved that it outlined things NOT TO ASK during potential job conversations Worth your time.