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[[ Read Pdf ]] ⚣ Hidden Belize: Including Tikal, Copan, and the Cayes õ Where Vacations Become Adventures Each book in the Hidden series first reviews a destination s famed attractions Then it invites the reader to go further by exploring hidden spots other guides overlook and by diving into outdoor activities enjoyed by today s active travelers Targeting small inns and local restaurants while focusing on authentic settings and local culture, these guides offer a unique travel experience New and improved maps that zoom in on each area and lead the traveler along the described route New features including checklists of author favorites, weekend itineraries, and walking tours Hidden spots loved by the local but missed by most visitors prominently marked in the margin Detailed descriptions of beaches, parks, and outdoor activities that take the reader beyond he sightseeing circuit to hike, bike, swim, snorkel, and camp Redesigned front and back covers that are dynamic, colorful, and easier to read Expanded internet information that includes email and Web site addresses for every listing Covers the entire country from the Cayes to the Guatemala border Includes tours of Maya sites, nature preserves, and wild animal parks