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Damn I like Mark Henderson and now we know how he got his call sign Viper and howMichael Gibson of the Delta Force came to be embedded with the Night Stalkers This short story ties up some loose ends. And it Starts Mark and Michael meet for the first time Mark is just setting up the 5th Battalion and has some great helicopters and was thinking about adding some special operators.Michael is on Mt Rainer in a snowstorm rescuing two civilians when he radios for help on a military channel and Mark responds. It s an enjoyable Prequel Seeing how Viper got his nickname snicker and how Michael and him met for the first time If you live this series you will enjoy this book, or novella, um..short story Enjoyed hearing how Mark started the night stalker branch and how ge mey michael.two extraordinary men 2 starsAn interesting look at Major Henderson s beginnings with SOAR, and Colonel Gibson before he was a legend I wasn t all that into it however.Once again, price of this very short novella sucks. First off 1.99 for 55 pages that is a rip off Honestly this novella is shorter than some of the freebies that other authors give readers on their websites.Only for diehard enthusiasts this short story introduces how Michael Delta commander became part of Mark Viper Henderson s group at Bati.I enjoyed it but it was seriously over priced. It s a prequel and probably wouldn t get a 5 if I didn t already know and really like Major Mark Henderson and Colonel Michael Gibson from previous Night Stalker stories. Not a romance, but a prequel to the first romance in this series Introduces some of the team Nicely done. {Download} ¼ Heart of the Storm î Before The Night Is Mine Major Michael Gibson must find the next step in his career as an operator for the US Army s Delta Force He tackles a winter climb on the lethal slopes of the , tall Mt Rainier His solo journey of discovery turns into a daring mountain rescue Captain Mark Henderson, the commander of the US Army s newest Night Stalker company, seeks the best people They will meet in the Heart of the Storm